Vina Matia Aupa Pipeno Blanco

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The language and jargon of wine can sometimes be a bit tricky. There is so much out there and then add in everyone’s different interpretation into the equation. Occasionally a gem appears, such as “pipeño.” Pipeño is a Chilean term meant to describe an everyday field blended wine, which includes the Pais grape. But wine is never really that simple. Personally, I like to categorize wine by drinking occasions and reasons to open a bottle. The largest category is the everyday wine. The hallmark of a great everyday wine is overdelivering value for its price. That’s where the Aupa Blanco comes in. Viña Matia’s Aupa Pipeño Blanco is made predominately of Pedro Ximenez but made in a dry style by Basque native and Chilean wine evangelist David Marcel. Marcel does an extended skin contact, adding hue and character to what’s normally considered a simple table wine. Strawberry, rhubarb, almond, peach, and mountain thyme show, making this wine the happy medium between white and rose. This is not just an everyday wine, but also what I like to call a “porchwein.” It’s meant to be kept in the cooler and opened outside. Pair this with keeping friends around late on a warm Saturday night, because brunch isn’t supposed to be on time. - Dale Johnson, Surdyk's Staff

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