Varan Coffee Mezcal



2 + 2 = Insanely Delicious! Two guys: Manuel Benet, Sr. and Master Distiller Eric Hernández. Two iconic elements: Mezcal and Coffee. All Originating from Oaxaca, Mexico. I imagine Manuel and Eric got together and decided, "We're going to make the greatest coffee liqueur on the face of the Earth. Period." And they did. When you pour a belt in a glass for the first time... BOOM!... the mezcal hits your nose the moment it hits the glass. The base for this is the award winning Mezcal Sacrificio. The coffee extract is intoxicating, especially after being amped-up with the addition of warm spices. The 31% abv makes this gem 100% fit for sipping on the rocks, not to mention, this makes for an outrageously good Espresso Martini (which, in case you haven't heard, has come screaming back into fashion). In the end, this is decadent, without being too rich and unctuous. The mezcal gives this potion a wonderful backbone, while the coffee and spices and sugar levels tie it all together like a rug. Speaking of The Big Lebowski - you could totally substitute VARAN for that other coffee liqueur in a White Russian!

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