Treat Yourself with Truffles

Treat Yourself with Truffles

We spend a lot of time searching for new and interesting cheeses that can’t be found at any other cheese counter in the area. Some are innovative approaches to cheese making, some are old world cheeses rarely imported to America, and some are a combination of both. Two of our newest cheeses fall into the last category with an additional bonus of truffles.

Truffles are notoriously expensive being both rare and difficult to harvest but their addition to cheeses is becoming more and more popular and bringing that decadent taste to wider audiences. In fact, it’s no longer enough to simply be incorporating truffles into cheese; it needs to be done exceptionally well with the best possible ingredients and it needs to leave us saying “wow!”

Brie ala Truffe
Imagine taking an unassuming wheel of a classic brie with its full complement of earth, butter, and vegetal notes and cutting it in half. Next spread a generous helping of a Crème Fraiche and mascarpone mix that is liberally sprinkled with fresh shaved black truffles on each half before putting the whole thing back together like the world’s most incredible Oreo. That’s exactly what this cheese is.

Moliterno al Tartufo Bianco
When we brought on Moliterno al Tartufo made with black truffles last year, it quickly became a staff and customer favorite and we thought we were set. And then we discovered this seasonal variety made with white truffles and our jaws dropped. At its base, Moliterno is a complex aged sheep’s milk cheese with nutty and grassy notes. The makers allow the cheese to age for 5 months to develop these flavors before injecting white truffle paste and allowing it to age more. The result is an intense combination of sharpness and earthiness.

-Kate Buhler

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