Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

There is a seemingly endless roster of cocktail bars in the area, each offering a distinctive atmosphere or signature drink. With all the jargon and frills associated with cocktail bars, it can feel intimidating to try your hand at crafting mixed drinks at home. Don’t worry; we’ve been there, and at Surdyk’s we have everything you need to build your home bar. Here’s your guide to bar tools—from the essential to the fun!

The Essentials

Cocktail Shaker:

This is an absolute must if you want to whip up some good drinks at home! We have a number of styles to choose from, but our hands-down favorite is the Viski Professional Weighted Shaker. Sturdy construction and a solid base mean you won’t risk crying over spilled mojitos.


Speaking of mojitos, many drink recipes require muddling ingredients (often fruit or herbs) at the bottom of a glass. A specially designed muddler makes quick work of this task. We carry both wooden and stainless steel models.


A seasoned bartender can eye a perfect pour without needing to measure—but we like to aim for a bit of precision, so there are always a couple of jiggers at our bars. We have the classic metal hourglass design as well as a measuring shot glass.

Bar Spoon:

Let’s face it: the last thing you want when mixing a drink for guests is to be sticking your fingers in the glass trying to retrieve the stirring spoon. Bar spoons are specifically designed with large faces and long handles to make quick work of stirring together a cocktail.

The Fun:

Ice Cube Trays:

For a touch of class to the next batch of cocktails you mix, make your own cocktail ice cubes. These ice cubes are distinguished by their shimmering clarity and impressive size. Our red silicone ice cube trays make popping the frozen cubes out of the mold effortless. And here’s a pro tip for you: bring filtered water to a light boil before pouring it (carefully) into the ice cube tray. The bubbles in the boiling water help to keep the water clear when it freezes.

Pouring Spouts:

If you’re in the process of building your home bar, these are an important part of taking it the next step. Pouring spirits smoothly from the bottle can be challenging—and messy. Pouring spouts fit right onto the top of the bottle and regulate the flow so you get an even, steady pour every time.

Bar Knives:

These lightweight utility knives are perfect for peeling the rind off of citrus, paring down garnishes, or giving a rough chop to herbs before they hit the glass. Having a knife dedicated to bar prep is incredibly helpful when preparing a couple of drinks at once.
There’s so much you can do when you make your drinks at home. You get to control what goes in it and you can make your favorite cocktail exactly how you like it. It can feel intimidating to start putting your bar supplies together—but we’re here to help!

Shop in store and get a special price on a starter pack that includes a jigger and a bar spoon. You’ll be well on your way to bartending glory!

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