Get Ready for the Big Game

Get Ready for the Big Game

Even if you aren’t a fan of football, you will likely be participating in some aspect of the Super Bowl. Whether you are rooting for the old guard, the young guns, or couldn’t care less but love you some Puppy Bowl, the game will be on.

Fan or not, the festivities around the game are as important as the game itself. Grab yourself some dips, chips, and cold cuts from the Cheese Shop and head over to the Liquor store. We’ve got some SBLIII inspired drinks to toast no matter who you’re cheering for.

LA RAMS – Los Angeles is better known for movie sets and beautiful people. Not so much for drinks. However, LA is in CA and that means one thing. Wine. Lots and lots of wine.

California is also home to the best distilleries in all the land. St. George Distillery in Alameda makes world-class gin, vodkas, absinthe, spiced pear liqueur… the list goes on.

PATRIOTS – Boston’s best known for tea… and parties… however, one of the nation’s first Craft Breweries calls Boston home. Samuel Adams Gameday Variety Pack is perfect for cheering on the Pats, or just toasting the town’s good beer. Since we are here in the Bold North, make Beer Buyer Jenny Selner’s clever concoction aptly named:

In honor of Boston, this warm cocktail uses the flagship Boston Lager for a malty, somewhat sweet drink that will thaw the bones of anyone trying to survive a brutal New England (or Minnesota!) winter.

12 oz Sam Adams Boston Lager
4 oz apple cider
3 oz orange juice
2 oz Cream Sherry
2 oz Grand Marnier
1 oz Amaretto

Mix together and heat gently in a saucepan until warm. Serve in a mug with a twist of orange.

For you red wine lovers (Gisele is often seen sipping a glass in the VIP box), treat yourself to the Fairview Goats-du-Roam Red Blend from South Africa. Brady is gunning to be the GOAT and, as observed by wine buyer Andy Hall, he certainly does roam.

Lastly – as hosts of last year’s big game, let us not forget Atlanta, home field for Super Bowl LIII. While the Falcons didn’t fly this year, celebrate what Atlanta is first in: Peaches!

Here are a few ideas:

Start the tailgating with Bellinis! Peach Nectar and Prosecco never was a bad idea. Or Peach Mules made with Ciroc Peach Vodka and Ginger Beer. Don’t stop there – Bird Dog Peach Whiskey, Pallini Peachello, Peach Sake Jelly – the list goes on and on!

So enjoy the game – or the commercials!

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