The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead

The holiday season has ended, and the doldrums of winter are upon us. Now that we all have a minute to reflect, we’ve been spending some time here at Surdyk’s thinking about what we want the year ahead to look like.

Here are some resolutions from the Surdyk’s staff for this year:

Be Creative. When midwinter hits and the cold really sets in, leaving the house for a night out is not very appealing. If the weather is keeping you from getting to your favorite cocktail bar, make your own! We have everything you need to stock your bar and craft your own signature cocktails right at home. From recipe books to shakers, glassware to ice cube trays, and specialty garnishes to every spirit you could want, Surdyk’s allows you to put your personal twist on your favorite drinks.

Be Adventurous. There is always a place in our hearts (and wine racks) for timeless classics. At Surdyk’s, however, we love the thrill of a fresh find and a new product. That’s why we take pride in offering in-store tastings, classes with our professional wine staff, and an approach to all of our products that takes the intimidation out of trying new things. Let us help you find a new wine or bourbon to try—and then stop by the Cheese Shop to pick up salumi and cheese to complement your new favorite!

Be Mindful. IThere are many ways that you can support the community we. Surdyk’s is excited to carry a wide range of products from local distilleries, breweries, butchers, dairies, and wineries. Many Minnesota-made products are noted by a shelf tag, but the staff is always happy to help you find that special local flavor. Bring home a bottle (or two) of local products and feel extra good about what you drink.

Be Generous. The holidays are often filled with lots of parties and get-togethers with friends and family, and then the partying goes away. Our staff at Surdyk’s is ready to keep the merrymaking going all year. We get that hosting is a big commitment—whether it’s a milestone party with dozens of guests or a quiet evening with good friends and great food—that’s why we are here to make it easy to be generous. Give our catering department a call or order one of our handmade gift baskets online. Whatever your party needs are, Surdyk’s has a solution.

There are so many ways to get the year started in the right way. Whatever your goals are for the year ahead—trying new things, supporting your community, entertaining more, or flexing your creativity muscles—the staff at Surdyk’s is ready and eager to help you out, and we hope to see you soon.

– Ben Cooper, Surdyk’s Liquor (February 2018) 

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