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There are so many great reasons these days to celebrate our local Midwest food roots, including that many of our local producers are also award winners. Red Table Meat Co. won three More Good Food Awards in San Francisco in 2016 for their handcrafted salami and cured meats. Red Table Speck ham, Coppa, and Big Chet’s all won glowing reviews from a very discerning group of judges.

Andy Hatch from Uplands Cheese won yet another coveted Good Food Award for his Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

If you want to try an award winning spirit, check out the Gustaf Navy Strength Gin from Far North Spirits 

Past winners have included La Quercia from Iowa, Bent River Camembert from Alemar cheese in Mankato, Mayana Chocolate from Spooner, Wisconsin. The Good Food Awards have been around since just 2012, and they strive to promote good food production in the USA.



View the full list of winners, click here.

Criteria of the Good Food Awards: We believe good food is made with real ingredients, local wherever possible, and respect amongst the people whose work goes into creating it. Good food is made with good animal husbandry and without the use of artificial ingredients, hormones, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, or genetically modified ingredients. 


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