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Thanksgiving means it’s time to give thanks for all that you have, make a big meal, and gather with family and friends, maybe open that great bottle of wine you’ve been saving, while the days leading up to Thanksgiving mark the annual onset of HSD: Holiday Stress Disorder.

You know the feeling: trying to figure out how to work all week, clean your entire home, and put a huge impressive spread on the table without looking like you even broke a sweat. A sure sign of HSD: Panic. Anxiety. Multi-tasking overload: I need to clean my kitchen. I need to clean my house! Stuck in traffic! No parking! Wait, is someone supposed to bring dessert? Was it me? Honey, did you recycle my November Food & Wine??!

What you need is to call in the pros: a lot – or a little.  Surdyk’s experts are the best in town – staffed with chefs, wine experts, foodies, but we’re also all regular people who know that some help can go a long way when it comes to the holidays… and Thanksgiving is our specialty.

Item 1: Food. You’re gonna need food.  Write your menu, figure out what you can handle, have space for, and the know-how to do right for the big day. Take a peek at Surdyk’s Thanksgiving Menu to see what we can help you with… from all the delicious sides – traditional turkey stuffing, potato gratin, cranberry conserve –  to a beautiful, locally sourced, organic & free-range, fully trussed turkey.  Easy as Pie? Try our Pumpkin, Apple or Maple Bourbon Pecan. Place an order with our Cheese Shop staff today.

Item 2: Wine. You’re definitely gonna need wine. Our staff came up with an exceptional offer of 4 perfect wines for Thanksgiving for just $42.99.  They are packed up in a reusable wine tote, with serving suggestions and are available as soon you step foot into the Wine Shop (seriously, right when you walk in the door) helpful if you suffer from another sign of HSD: Complete Lack of Time.

Item 3: Enjoy. Take in the smells, the oohs and aahhs of your guests, and the feeling accomplishment that you did it.

After all, the REAL holiday craziness begins the day after Thanksgiving.



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