Von Winning “Winnings” Riesling


I took a little break from some of the German Rieslings recently, not for any particular reason, just moved on to some other  things. But this bottling has me back in the fold! Terry Theise Selections is a booming importer, led of course by Terry Theise himself, who seems to be at the top of his game. This bottling is a collaboration between him and the dynamic owners of the legendary Von Winning and Dr. Deinhard estates. Both Theise and Von Winning are doing some of their best work recently, and this collaboration, while flawless, also takes a cue from its starry
label art. Bright, light, and crisp, this is a striking wine that will be sure to brighten up the latter portion of your day. Of course, with Riesling, we must always talk about sweetness, and in this the objective was to make a wine that, in Terry’s words, was sugar-neutral. By this he means that it should have enough sweetness to make the fruit sing, but not enough to leave a trace on the finish. Well, they succeeded spectacularly! The fruit sings, and the finish is completely dry. Low in alcohol (10.5%) and full of personality and sparkle, this Riesling is striking, delicious, and
persistent. I plan to buy lots of this over the next few months, and will include it as a part of all of my holiday entertaining. It is perfect in so many ways, and is compelling for its price, packaging, and personality…. Really classy stuff!

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