von Winning Sauvignon Blanc


I clearly remember the very first time I experienced this wine. Surdyk’s hosted a portfolio tasting with importer Terry Theise, and upon the first sip, I was struck by two things. First: this was unlike any other Sauvignon Blanc I had ever had. And second: Roger Clark’s napkin. (He was seated behind me and could not contain his enthusiasm). I had never had a German version of this varietal, and I approached it wondering if it would taste like New Zealand, or have a style similar to Sancerre. Neither, actually. Nor did it taste as though it came from anywhere else. Here you have a Sauvignon Blanc that perfectly reflects not only its varietal character but also its birthplace. Start with a highly perfumed nose of apricot before finding ripe lime zest and cream notes. The flavor is citrus-forward (lemon and lime – not grapefruit), followed by Jonagold apple and green herb notes. Then comes an incredible acidity, but also a subtle earthiness and textural roundness that balances the racy nature of this wine. Totally delicious. Roger and I aren’t their only fans. The bio-dynamically made wines of von Winning have won almost every award the German press has to offer. I suggest pairing this with grilled seafood but watch out for flying napkins!

-Noelle Starr, Wine Consultant

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