Twin Vines Vinho Verde


With temps warming up, we’re all ready to step outside for a refreshing glass of cool white wine. This wine is made for warm weather! Vinho Verde comes from northwest Portugal from a blend of native grapes.   It’s clean, fresh, fruity and even has a little spritz!  Fragrant notes of green apple and melon. Drink as an aperitif, or an accompaniment to grilled shrimp & salad.

Vinho Verde or “green wine” refers to the youthful style of the wine, not the color. Coincidentally, the Minho region is among the greenest and most lush landscapes in Portugal.  Make sure you have a few bottles in your fridge for when the temps start to rise, and thanks to the convenient screw top, this is perfect for a picnic, to take out on the boat, or add to your cooler.


Established in 1834, family-owned José Maria da Fonseca (J.M. da Fonseca) is one of Portugal’s best-known and most historic wine producers, with vineyard holdings in the country’s most important wine regions, including Douro, Vinho Verde, Setúbal and Alentejo. Located in Azeitão on the Setúbal Peninsula, J.M. da Fonseca winery has been owned and managed by the Soares Franco family for seven generations. Father and son team Antonio Soares Franco, Sr. and Antonio Maria S. Franco, Jr. stand at the helm, together with their chief winemaker and vice president Domingos Soares Franco.

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