St Cosme Cotes du Rhone 2015


About five years ago we lost the ability to sell these wines here in MN because of a national distribution change that granted the rights to this
brand to a company with whom we refuse to do business. Although our stance is a principled one, I was heartbroken. I had worked hard to get these wines here, the team at Surdyk’s had worked hard to spread the word about how great they were, and of course Louis Barroul, owner
and winemaker extraordinaire, had worked hard to make the wines themselves great. A lot of work, but the kind of work we enjoy doing. So the loss was significant. Recently, again through forces beyond our control, the wines were made available to us through an acceptable distribution
channel. The timing could not have better, as it happened just on the verge of the release of the much anticipated 2015 vintage of the basic Cotes du Rhone. I think every one of us on staff bought a bottle the first week it was here, and the response was, shall we say, consistent. The wine is great. It is rich without being heavy, it has the familiar Rhone flavor profile of berries, herbs de Provence, earth and leather, and it is bursting with its own personality and vitality. Seriously, try to find a way to buy two cases of this wine. It is tremendous and is easily the best basic
Cotes du Rhone I have have had since the last time St. Cosme was available here.

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