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Spring always brings changes in the weather, in our scenery, in our activities, and in our drinking habits. Spread that out to your beer choices! Yes, it is easy to fall into a rut and reach for the same old thing, but in this modern beer world if you are in the market for something different, it is imporrible to drink the same thing twice. The consumer demand is driving all of these choices, and we should happily oblige.

If you think that you are a novice beer drinker, or even a expert drinker, there always new things to try and new beer that will open your mind to new ideas of what beer is, and what it should be for you. I encourage all lovers of beer to come to Surdyk’s and find something new to try.

We have a handful of new things that come in every week, and experts (fellow beer geeks) that will help you find something new and fun to try. New breweries, brews new to Surdyk’s and seasonal favorites and beers to watch this week are Castle Danger (finally in the Mpls from Two Harbors), Uinta Dubhe Imperial Black IPA from Uinta Brewing Salt Lake City, local favorite Indeed Haywire, the seasonal favorites (you know, the one’s that make you feel like the warm weather really is here to stay): Schell’s Goosetown (try at our in-store tasting on March 27 & 28!) and Bell’s Oberon, and the highly anticipated Schell’s Stag Series #9 due in the week of March 30. See you soon!

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