Passarella Branco


For me, 2018 officially goes down as the ‘Year of White Wine.’ At least it’s the year I drank more white wine than ever before. Two members of my household adopted a Pescatarian diet where our meals revolved around vegetables, grains, and fish, and therefore the wine on the table was white. To keep my palate from boredom, I quickly began searching for new, exciting, affordable options. Late in the fall, I stumbled upon this lovely bottle from the Dão region in Portugal that checked all of those boxes. Say ‘Portuguese white’ and Vinho Verde comes to mind, that light, easy drink that often shows up on patios and during heat waves. The Passarella Branco is in a completely different league. It is a blend of Encruzado, which brings loads of citrus, minerality, and rich texture, Verdelho, lending spice, and the highly aromatic grape Malvasia. The combination is complex, with flavors ranging from creamy-citrus to flinty-mineral, and is way more satisfying than I was expecting. (And I love that it weighs in at a respectable 13% abv.) An excellent introduction to Portuguese white wine, and a solid choice if you’re in need of a little
excitement in the white wine area.
-Noelle Starr, Surdyk’s Wine Consultant

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