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The “buy local” trend has been dominating the Minnesota food scene for the last twenty years, with restaurants celebrating local farmers and crafting their menus to reflect the seasons by using locally made cheeses, meats, wines, and most recently, spirits. The challenge of growing grape vines in Minnesota is to be able to survive the occasional yet inevitable -40°F winter temps that will kill most vines. Fortunately, we had several pioneering individuals in Minnesota and neighboring Wisconsin who helped make this possible. The first and most important person to develop these winter-hardy vines is Elmer Swenson, who, during his 70 years of farming, patented 5 vines on his own, and co-released many more with the University of Minnesota Grape Breeding Program. He chose to name one
of his grape vines after his wife, Louise Swenson. It is this grape that captured my attention when tasting some local wines recently when I kept coming back to this wine made by one of Minnesota’s first wineries, Northern Vineyards of Stillwater. They have made a beautiful white wine with this grape, which they call Geez Louise. It’s a dry wine with delicate floral and honey notes, with subtle apple, pineapple, and pear flavors. Delicate and fresh, yet the wine finishes with complex flavors and lingers invitingly on the palate. Extremely versatile, as it is perfect with or without food. Pair it with young cheese, poultry, pork, or at your next party on its own. Let’s be optimistic and suggest a nice cold glass while on your boat/patio in the short but precious
Minnesota summer! Limited release. -Drew Fuller, Surdyk’s Wine Consultant

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