Milwaukee Brewing Co. Louie’s Demise Amber Ale


I don’t want to be the first to say this, but the end of summer is near. If you are like me, this means that the beer you consume is about to change, too. I think that amber-style beers are perfect for the transition from summer-style to fall brews. Milwaukee’s Brewing Co. has some standout beers, but I think their Louie’s Demise Amber Ale fits this summer-to-fall transition category perfectly. This medium-bodied ale is all about the malts. This is showcased up front in the taste, the yeast will provide a dried fruit flavor, and there is a nice hop finish to balances out the malts. The aroma is bready with a tinge of honey, and at 5.5% you can have more than one. Grab a Louie’s Demise, a burger off the grill, and end summer with a bang. Cheers.

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