Masbon Vouvray


Masbon Vouvray is one of the crown jewels in the Surdyk’s wine department. This is a special bottling, made for us (and only for us) at Surdyk’s by one of the Loire Valley’s top producers. You will not find this wine on the internet, in other stores, in other countries; it is only here at Surdyk’s. We have carried this wine continuously for more than 20 years. There is no contract between us, there are no quotas. We buy this wine every year because our customers (and our staff) continue to see the beauty and value of this wine. Without a doubt, it is our most versatile wine, and its popularity surges every year around the holidays because it is simply beautiful and goes with everything, particularly Thanksgiving dinner. Made from Chenin Blanc in ancient vineyards that roll along the hills beside the Loire River in central France, this wine leads with aromatic notes of light spring flowers and fresh hay. The palate is clean and fruit-driven with honeysuckle and pear notes, followed by a soft finish. This wine amazes me every time I drink it. It is clean, refreshing, classically French, completely affordable, and yet always a value. – Andy Hall, Wine Buyer

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