Laroque Pinot Noir


Jean-Christophe and Margaret Calvet of Aquitaine Wines have had their fabulous Bordeaux wines on Surdyk’s shelves for many years. You have met them in our store for their popular tasting sessions during our past sales. Domaine Laroque Cabernet Franc is one of the Calvet’s exclusive features that we all love. Laroque now adds a Pinot Noir
to our offerings. The grapes are from 20- year old vines high up in the cool hills of the Black Mountains around the medieval city of Carcassonne in southern France. Made from 100% Pinot Noir, this is a marvelous red with all the earthy woodland aroma and dried spiciness you could want from a good Pinot. Fragrant scents of cherry, blackberry and fig are right up front. The flavor of French black plum dominates with hints of cedar, bacon and cocoa on the finish. A firm yet smooth texture shows off the pronounced fruit. I would say this is a gentle, approachable style at a really impressive sale price. A perfect replacement for more expensive Burgundy pinot noir. This is my choice for taste and price to pair with the classic French stew, Beef Bourguignon. This delicious wine goes into the dish and then on the table. Buy now and enjoy all year long. – Bill McCleary, Wine Consultant

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