Hexamer Quarzit Riesling 2012


One of the most popular wines in the Terry Theise portfolio, this Riesling is marketed as a “branded” wine with a cute, Americanized name. However, like Leitz’s Dragonstone, this is a single-vineyard, hand harvested wine grown on a majestic parcel that yields singular wine unlike any of his other bottlings. Why Harald Hexamer doesn’t call this a super-premium wine, bottle it in a heavy glass bottle, slap a super-fancy label on it, and charge 4x as much.. well I may never know. Let’s just hope he doesn’t read this, he may get ideas! This is called “Quarzit” because it is grown on a slice of the great Rheingrafenberg vineyard that overlays some stunning Quartzite, and boy does it show in the wine. If you’ve ever wondered what wine writers are talking about when they use the word “minerality,” please try this wine. You will know. Instantly. And it will make you either smile or laugh… From that initial hit of quartz, the wine
runs through a fascinating series of flavors that resolve into subtle notes of peach and even a little strawberry. This Riesling has just the lightest touch of sweetness which in my opinion makes it beautiful. Please try this magnificent and versatile wine. You’ll be glad you did.

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