Deschutes Da Shootz!


It’s official – the latest round of snow had me dreaming of warmer weather and the exact moment you know that spring has arrived. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a seasonal beer drinker; I like stouts, porters and barrel-aged beers in the winter and pilsners, wheat beers, sours and ciders in the summer. For me, circling back to classic styles feels right when the seasons are changing and pilsner fits this spot nicely. Deschutes Brewery Da Shootz pilsner is 4.0% which is extremely approachable. It has citrus notes, light maltiness, light fruitiness, low bitterness, and is slightly bubbly. Most importantly, it’s refreshing! I like pairing this beer with sushi, salads, seafood, and pizza. Available in cans for all of our your spring outdoor adventures. Cheers!

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