Broken Earth Petit Verdot


Everyone knows Paso Robles produces excellent Zinfandels and Rhonestyle wines. Even Cabernet has found a home here. But to find a 100%
Petit Verdot here in the Central Coast (let alone anywhere!) is extremely unusual. In its homeland of Bordeaux, it is used only in small amounts to add color and “spice box” qualities to a finished wine. Here in Paso, Broken Earth Winery allows this grape to have the entire spotlight. Their vineyards are the perfect place to showcase Petit Verdot’s solo potential. The climate is extreme with long growing seasons and daily temperatures fluctuating between high 90s and low 50s. Petit Verdot is slow ripening and needs as much time on the vine as possible to fully ripen. The result is an incredibly dark wine in the glass. Bold, intense notes of black fruit, cedar, hints of tar, dried autumn leaves, and subtle vanilla coat the mouth with bold intensity. The pleasant grip of tannins arrive on the finish, helping to pull your attention back from what your nose and palate just experienced. Brooding and powerful, and a must try for fans of big wines. Not to mention an excellent partner for a woodfired steak.

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