Boom Island Yule


Boom Island Brewing Company has created the perfect beer that you can share with your family and friends this holiday season.
Although you may recognize the Yule by name as the previous holiday beer offering, you will not find the same beer inside. This beer could be classified as a Belgian Dark Strong ale; at 13% this beer warms and wakes up the senses. The alcohol doesn’t come off as strong because the beer is lightly carbonated, and Kevin at  Boom Island wants this beer to be served at 50°. Yule is a beautiful dark brown color and is robust in flavor. There are three types of malts which give us a sweet, malty flavor. The unique element in this beer is the black currants that were added at fermentation. The beer picks up a fruity, sweet element from the currants, as well as a wonderful tart finish. Be sure to pair this with Vosges’ milk chocolate bar with dried cherries and pecans, Minnesota’s own Big Woods Blue, and of course, family and friends. Yule love it!

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