Biscaye Baie Sauvignon Blanc


As the buyer for Surdyk’s I have a very interesting perspective on many of the trends going on
behind the scenes in the wine business. One trend that I watch almost daily is our sales of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Apparently, this is a style of wine that folks like. A lot! Once the cute younger step-child of the behemoth that was Australian wines, these days the kiddo is taking the older sibling to school. It’s like Pinot Noir and Merlot all over again. Only this time it’s Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. So folks like me, knowing that eventually, customers will want a different style of Sauvignon Blanc, have been on the lookout for the next thing.

I suspect that this wine will be part of the new generation of Sauvignon Blancs that ultimately replaces the New Zealand juggernaut. Light and crisp, distinctively Sauvignon Blanc, yet not
in a radical style (either toward green pepper notes or gooseberry and grapefruit) just clean, stony, refreshing white wine at an affordable price. This wine is very centered, and very carefully made to appeal to a wide audience looking for something affordable, quaffable, and crowd-pleasing.

Biscaye Baie (just an archaic spelling for ‘Biscay Bay’) is the brain-child of Jean-Christophe Calvet, our primary contact in Bordeaux, and the exporter of many of our most
successful wines (Laroque, La Freynelle, Mongravey, just to name a few). I believe this might be one of his best productions, and it might also turn out to be one of our best finds. Do not miss out.

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