Barnard Griffin Pinot Noir


I truly believe Pinot Noir is the most beguiling and sensual of all wines. It’s not everyone’s ideal glass of red, but its popularity cannot be denied. Oregon, with its optimum climate near ocean breezes and controlled heat plus great soil conditions, has become one of the best places to grow Pinot Noir. Barnard Griffin, a family owned winery, makes this food-friendly wine in a lighter-bodied style with lots of Oregon fruit expression and all of the right secondary aromas and tastes following along. A raspberry, dried cherry and plum mix of flavors, layers of aromas of earth and woodiness with a light smoky nuance. The grape’s acidity is well balanced here. Soft tannin structure is also perfect for this young wine. The 2012 growing season garnered high scores and it shows. Well priced for good Oregon Pinot, this is a natural pick during our sale.

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