Barbera d’Asti Tre Vigne 2016


I had the great good fortune to meet the owner and winemaker of the Vietti property,
Luca Currado, earlier this fall at a trade tasting. He is a charismatic and engaging individual, full of great stories from his career as an oenologist and winemaker. On the other hand, I am Norwegian by heritage, and by disposition, and wonder about ‘big personality’ people sometimes… are they just all about ‘me-me-me’? I am pleased to report that I found him to be lovely in every way, much as I find his wines to be completely lovely. This particular bottling of Barbera has been one of my favorites all year. I love good Barbera, and this has been a complete star recently. Smooth and rich, with good (but not overdone) acids that provide just the right amount of counterpoint to the healthy and robust fruitiness. Tannins are smooth and ripe, and the mouthfeel is generous and soft. I often find it difficult to describe the flavors of Barbera, as they always strike me as belonging in the blue/ purple family (which, of course, are not flavors at all!) along with some purple and blue flowers (lilac, iris, violet). More importantly, though, I find the wine to be strong enough to pair with
many meals (pork and lamb are favorite pairings for me) but not so strong as to take over the meal. The balance is amazing and easily taken for granted. But just like being urbane at a party is more difficult than it looks, making top quality wine that isn’t all about itself is also more easily said than done. Here, I say “well-played, sir, well-played.”  – Andy Hall, Wine Buyer

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