Aegerter Cremant de Bourgogne


I’ll try to help with the pronunciation first! “Ah-zher- TARE” is my best phonetic rendering of how to say the name of this producer. This family
is not well known in the United States, but I think in the era of always-expensive and often over-priced Burgundy, this will be a name to look for. Like most Burgundian families, they bottle many wines, including premier and grand cru reds and whites (for which, please stay tuned), but this sparkling is the first of their line to arrive here. It’s the first here because in a rare moment of unanimity among the wine staff, every one of us tasted this wine and responded that we needed to get this here as soon as possible.

We have lots of great sparkling wines that we love, but this will really fill a need we have sensed with our customers for a long time: an affordably-priced French sparkling wine, that is stylistically showy without being heavy-handed, and delivered with presentation and gift-quality packaging. Not only did this tick all those boxes immediately, we were floored with just how stylish it is at its price-point. Jean- Luc (father) and Paul (son) together run this relatively new (1988) winery,  seeking to provide their customers with wines of balance and refinement, while running a firm with boldness and traditionalism. We’ll see. For certain, however, we know that this bottle of bubbles accomplishes that tricky task, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. – Andy Hall, Wine Buyer

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