Irish Cheeses are 20% off


Irish Cheeses are 20% through Thursday! Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with a taste of Ireland. (Plenty of featured items in the Liquor Store, too!)

Try Dubliner: A little like the Irish cheddar but with a great sweetness and drier texture. Enjoy with a Finnegan’s!

Irish Cheddar: A white aged cheddar imported from Ireland. Its one year aging lends a rich, musty flavor somewhat like an English farmhouse cheddar. Enjoy with cream crackers and a cold Guinness Stout beer!

Cashel Blue: A wonderfully creamy blue with gentle blueing and a subtle, straw-like aroma. Cashel makes a great snack along side a pint of Irish cider and Potato Boxty.

Whiskey Cheddar:  Irish Cheddar flavored with Irish whiskey: piquant and butter with a yeasty, whiskey finish.

Porter Cheddar:  Irish Cheddar from Cahill Farm lightly flavored with Porter. Butter and caramel flavors in finish.

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