Domaine St. Vincent Rosé


100% Pinot Noir sparkling rosé sourced from the same vineyards as a famous, trendsetting wine. This is vibrant and bright with delicious notes of wild strawberries and spiced cherry, with a zesty flash of acidity propelling it to a lingering and complex finish. Interested? Try Domaine St. Vincent Rosé. Made in the méthode-champenoise style, the same way Champagne is produced (2nd fermentation in the bottle) and aged en tirage for a minimum of 18 months. En Tirage means the yeast and sugar residue is left in the bottle and this residue imparts additional flavor and structure. This is the second label from Gruet, who almost single-handedly put New Mexican wine on the map. Named after the patron saint of winemaking, this would be a perfect way to start (or finish!) your celebration of the patron saint of love!

-Jim Larson

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