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Winter Pick 2023

Guardians Saperavi

(Kakheti, Georgia)

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“Georgian food is spicy.” That sentence was one I came across in college (part of my Russian language course) and spent the next two nights rabbit-holing about Georgian cuisine. There was so much about the layering of spices, very similar to the cuisines of Eastern cultures. Besides the language, spoken and written, it is a rich wine culture that separates Georgia from Eastern Europe. There is a case that wine originated in Georgia, with evidence of winemaking dating back just over 8000 years ago. The possible number of grape varieties rivals even Italy, which means there is something out there for everyone. With so many styles (including the original orange wines) and wines to try from Georgia, where to begin? The Guardians Saperavi is a great entry point to the exciting journey of Georgian wine. This wine shares a lot in common with American wine, surprisingly enough, reminding one of Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel, with rich red and dark fruit complemented with rich body and structure to hold up to rich foods. Try this wine with burgers, grilled red meats, or even the Georgian cheese bread “khachapuri” for an exciting Tuesday night treat.