Sangria All Día

Sangria All Día

Sangria is the official drink of Summer at Surdyk’s! Stay with me beer lovers and white wine fans. I realize that when you think of Sangria, the traditional image of fruit-laden Spanish red wine comes to mind. But that is only one version. Any wine, as well as beer, can be made into Sangria. In fact, there isn’t a wrong way to do it—which means the possibilities are endless and there is a Sangria for everyone.

While this festive drink is certainly having its moment in the modern-day U.S., this concept of enhancing wine with the addition of a little booze, some chopped fruit and spices goes back to Greek and Roman times when water was less than sanitary and therefore the concoction was necessary. Today, we drink Sangria because it is tasty, beautiful and just plain fun! The recipe can be as simple or as creative as you wish. The formula is fairly straightforward: wine, beer or my favorite—sake! Add a sweetener such as a cognac, Spanish brandy or other sweet citrus liqueur like local Tattersall Orange Crema Liqueur, and seasonal fruit.

You can unleash your inner mixologist with additional components, such as various fruit juices or simple syrups—Heath Glen syrups are a favorite of mine. We stock several great seasonal varieties, which are perfect for any creation. For a fun bubbly component, add sparkling wine, juice or club soda, which is always a hit. The secret to Sangria is letting the fruit, wine, and sweetener blend for at least a few hours to overnight.

Of course, if you are in a hurry, Surdyk’s sells a variety of premade white, red and rosé Sangria in bottles, 3-Liter boxes, and cans that are perfect for any summer occasion.


Melissa Surdyk

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