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The experts at Surdyk’s have been a trusted source for advice on wine, beer, and spirits since we first opened our doors in 1934.  And while our lives all look a little different these days, our staff is still here to help!
To help you shop during this time, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the things that we’d be pointing out to you if you were shopping in the store. Most of you are familiar with our Staff Selections, so we’ve made some selections and will be bringing you picks and sale prices throughout the month of May.


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Here’s what We’re Loving in the Sake Cooler:


Melissa's Pick • Miyashita Hare No Kuni “Sunshine Country” Junmai

Sale: $23.99 /each (Regular: $29.99)
While I am a fan of trying new things – I find myself going back to this sake time and time again. The beauty of this sake begins with the packaging – which is nothing short of gift-worthy. But in the glass is where the real beauty lies. Aromatics hint at the yeasty nature of the brewing process and the exquisite texture and flavor showcase the talent of a brewer who can coax amazing flavors from simple, few ingredients. (It’s worth noting the choice of rice (Akebono is a common cooking rice) and the lower milling level (65%). The balance between the yeast, rice, texture and finish are almost perfect. The finish has a roundness that could be mistaken for sweetness until it delicately slips away leaving you ready for another sip to recapture the experience. For food pairings – this sake will is made for the lighter, brighter dishes that I crave now that Spring has arrived in full force – however I have been known to pair this with food no matter the season! And the name is also fitting. We could all use the benefits of some sunshine right now! – Melissa Surdyk
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