Ready for The Spring Weather Swing

Ready for The Spring Weather Swing

Spring is a fickle time of year in our great state. We survived both winter and the Super Bowl, and now bets are on as to the rate of rising temps. Optimists among us have already broken out flip-flops and loaded bags filled with beach towels and sunscreen in the trunk. Others are still sporting flannel and fleece. While we can’t predict the weather’s exact pattern, we can make a general assumption. It will warm up. Eventually. Fortunately, our shelves are full of fantastic beverages and bites to enjoy no matter what the thermometer reads. Here are a few suggestions for both extremes.


Whiskey: Whether you prefer Scotch, Irish, Canadian, Japanese or American, nothing warms you like a dram of whisk(e)y. We have an ever-growing selection that will certainly keep the chill of spring thaw away. Try a new favorite—Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky, which is very smooth with sweet citrus notes and a touch of smoke.
Late Bottle Vintage Port: With its smooth, full flavor, this has been aged at the winery and is ready to drink. Pair with some of the Cheese Shop’s exquisite dark chocolates for a decadent end to a meal—perhaps in front of a fire? Pair Portal Late Bottle Vintage Port with Rozsavolgyi Csokolade Kardamom 73% Dark Hungarian chocolate from the cheese shop.
Cider: The range of styles in the hard cider world runs from completely dry to sweet. There is something for everyone here, especially when the weather feels more like fall than spring. A perfect spring cider: Local Milk and Honey Fauna Cider. It’s well-rounded with a sharp, bright, and fruity character.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Rosé season: You should be drinking rosé all year; however, there is something perfect about sipping rosé during springtime. Pour yourself a glass and enjoy the fact that the sun is setting later than 4 p.m. Château Trains from Provence is a go-to rosé! It is great on its own or mixed for a refreshing rosé sangria cocktail.
Gin and Tonica:The Spanish are famous for fruit-laced Sangria, but why stop there? Add a few slices of citrus and some herbs and peppercorns to your next Gin and Tonic and take things to a whole new level. Try a full-bodied botanical gin: Botanist Gin from the Isle of Islay is a great pick!
Beer (naturally!): Check out our expanded beer cooler—we’ve added to our already huge selection and have hundreds of more beers chilled and ready to enjoy the warming temps!

Stop in! We have more great ideas for pairing with this fleeting season.
Melissa Surdyk

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