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Winter Pick 2023

Eckerhof Rosé

(Wagram, Austria)

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So it isn’t rosé season? Says who? Didn’t someone say that the world looks better when seen through rosé-colored glasses? Besides, pink wine at the end of a long day is just lovely, especially after driving through these snowy, slushy Minnesota roads.  

Ecker vineyard, from the Wagram region (Austria), is a family business with a history stretching back over 400 years. Bernhard Ecker stands for constant top quality without compromises. His wines are recognized for their clarity, finesse, and longevity. Like many other Austrian wine regions, Wagram’s terroir is affected by its distinctly continental climate. Warm breezes coming from the Pannonian Plain to the east are tempered by cool Alpine influences from the north. Warm and dry days followed by much cooler nights help to preserve the flavor of the grapes.  

The wine is made up mostly of Zweigelt, which is known for its bright fruity flavor and is compared frequently to Beaujolais or Zinfandel. Zweigelt is considered easy drinking, with bright acidity and red fruit flavors. The touch of Merlot boosts those beautiful cherry and strawberry notes. It’s just a smidgen off-dry, which further intensifies the subtle hints of cherry and strawberry. All of these things together result in a medium-bodied, fresh and lively, very easy-to-enjoy sipper. Plus, it’s a full liter, so there’s a bonus glass! Rosé to the occasion!