A Holiday Tradition

A Holiday Tradition

♫”We Wish you a Merry Christmas”♫   …you just can’t help but hum when you hear the term “figgy pudding.” It wouldn’t be out of place while you’re picking up one of your own; the new annual traditional Surdyk’s Cheese Shop.  We introduced them 4 years ago, and our figgy’s have become a holiday staple for many of our loyal customers!

No idea what figgy pudding is? Well, it’s not pudding at all, and it’s vaguely like a fruitcake but definitely better… Also known as Christmas pudding or plum pudding (think Tiny Tim) — is a traditional English dessert, definitely a cake, that’s chock full of dried fruits and plenty of booze. Though it hints at fruitcake, Dorie Greenspan, the baker and cookbook author, compares it to a spice cake (from whom our recipe is adapted, and scratch-made by our baker extraordinaire – Andrew.)

It includes figs (of course), along with dried cranberries, currants, and sultana raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  It is steamed and then finished with a liberal soak of rum and brandy. We use mostly organic ingredients, including the flour, bread crumbs, sugar, eggs, butter. We suggest serving the Bundt-shaped concoction warm, and with a side of our hard sauce to make it even more delicious, decadent, and boozy! It makes an elegant and memorable dessert. The dense cake serves about 8-10 and are $35 each. Hard sauce is also available for $8.99/lb.

Our Cheese Shop will be selling them through New Years or while supplies last. If you’d like to order your own figgy pudding, call 612-379-9757 or use our handy online form. 

“We won’t go until we get some, we won’t go until we get some … “  have one of these and you’ll finally  know what you’ve been singing about for all of these years.  Cheers!


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