Love our Staff Selections? Miss chatting with our staff? Since so many of our customers have switched to online shopping, we’ve switched to a virtual recommendation for our wine consultants to give you their latest selections. Taste along with our staff with Tasting Videos as well their traditional write-ups… all with, you guessed it, wines […]... Read More
Updated: July 1, 2020  Surdyk’s Liquor Store is open to shoppers daily.  Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am-8:00 pm and on Sunday from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.  For those pre-ordering, we have curbside pickup available daily: Monday through Saturday 9:00 am-9:00 pm and Sunday from 11:00 am-6:00 pm.  We will continue to operate at […]... Read More
What’s going to be in your glass in 2020? The past few years have brought many exciting trends to our business. The explosion of craft beer scene and with it, all the creative and fun beers now being brewed. Whiskeys (from everywhere) and tequilas saw a huge surge in interest and thankfully, quality! Rosé wine might have been just another […]... Read More
Rioja is a region in Spain with a long viticultural history. Until recently, Rioja was steeped in very old, traditional varieties and winemaking techniques, but during the last two decades it has made a leap from the 16th to the 21st century, with stainless steel, refrigeration, and modern microbiology supplanting ancient wood. There is not […]... Read More
The holiday season has ended, and the doldrums of winter are upon us. Now that we all have a minute to reflect, we’ve been spending some time here at Surdyk’s thinking about what we want the year ahead to look like. Here are some resolutions from the Surdyk’s staff for this year: Be Creative. When […]... Read More
If you are like most people, you will be drinking bubbly. In a sea of sparkling, the song’s question should actually be asking: What bottle are you popping for New Year’s…? Here’s a quick primer for those of you who may find your eyes glazing over when approaching the over 100 different options available in […]... Read More
My family starts the “holiday season” a tad earlier than most. Like immediately after Halloween early. We ease in a few decorations every couple of days as to not alarm any of the neighbors. (Besides, one year’s attempt to pull all-night decorating transformation proved to actually bring out anything but Christmas cheer.) So, early, slow, […]... Read More
Ask any of our cheesemongers for a recommendation this time of year, and there’s a good chance you’ll end up walking away with an Alpine cheese. For centuries, the seasons have been marked by the cows’ and farmers’ movements up and down the mountains to take advantage of the flowering summer pastures high up in […]... Read More
Thanksgiving means it’s time to give thanks for all that you have, make a big meal, and gather with family and friends, maybe open that great bottle of wine you’ve been saving, while the days leading up to Thanksgiving mark the annual onset of HSD: Holiday Stress Disorder. You know the feeling: trying to figure […]... Read More
We are well into the cocktail movement that has watched a surge in spirits sales both new and old, distilled in far-flung places or created right down the street. Great attention is given to the base spirit of any drink recipe, as well as to the accompanying players. Serious dollars on spent to create the […]... Read More
Have you ever met someone who didn’t like fall? Me, either. So in celebration of this universally loved season, we’ve filled our Fall Sale catalog with items that will help you enjoy this special time of year to the max. Football is in full swing and we have great beer deals to take you from tailgating all the way […]... Read More
As the interest in natural wines continues on, our staff found 4 wines that we love…and not just for the care taken in their production, but for being delicious. About Broc Cellars: At Broc Cellars, all wines are made using spontaneous fermentation, a process that means using only native yeasts and bacteria that exist on […]... Read More
While refreshing enough for the hot August temps, there is something about apples that make you long for crisp fall weather. This makes cider the perfect choice for late summer drinking. Minnesota has seen a boom in the marketplace for artisanal hard cider, and craft beer enthusiasts are learning that there is much to love about it. The […]... Read More
August – that fleeting last month of summer. If you can bet on one thing it’s that temperatures will be sweltering at some point during these next 15 days. To survive the muggy heat you won’t want to be making high proof cocktails with a dozen ingredients. You want easy, refreshing, and low proof. These […]... Read More
If you live in our corner of Minneapolis, you’ve certainly noticed how much the Northeast neighborhood has changed in the last few years. While Surdyk’s has been an institution since it first opened its doors (just a block away) in 1934. 85 years later, it’s not just home to charming neighborhoods, state-of-the-art buildings, and fantastic […]... Read More
Bill McCleary
Bill has been a beloved member of the Surdyk’s Wine Department for over 16 years and has helped countless people select the perfect wine to celebrate the big events in their lives. Inspired by “The Wine Questionnaire” by Jay McInerney, we’ve asked Bill to tell us about some of his favorite experiences with wine. Your […]... Read More
I am a born and raised Minnesotan. While I have visited many places in this great state, one spot that has remained on my bucket list is finally being checked off this summer: the Boundary Waters. I am excited to head north and explore our state’s wild back yard for a long weekend. If like […]... Read More
What makes a Sour a sour? Sour yeast strains. Sour and wild are terms that are used interchangeably in the industry but there is a distinction. Sour beers happen when acidifying bacteria (Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus) in conjunction with wild or commercial yeast is introduced to the fermenting beer. Wild is a term used to describe […]... Read More
If you grew up in the ’70s, most homes had a bar often located in the basement, maybe in the den. A few classic cocktails could be made a moment’s notice because they were (and still are) comprised of only a few ingredients. Decades passed, restaurants and bars opened and people began going out for […]... Read More
We’ve all been there. Standing in an aisle at some store trying to make a decision. Trying to read the labels. It’s the same with beer. Each time you walk down the beer aisle there is something new, and it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to make up our minds. Beer is a […]... Read More
… and Momma loves a good glass of something. Want to make sure you are mom’s favorite? Match your Mom to the style below and make her day the right way. 1) Rosé All The Ways Rosé comes from all over the wine world, and the only common denominator is its color. Some are fruity, […]... Read More
Spring has Sprung. We think. If you have called Minnesota home for more than a year you can’t really be surprised by our recent April snow storm. It happened last year…even later than it did this year. But oh, how it hurt. The old adage “once bitten, twice shy” has us tentative about the remainder […]... Read More
Spring in Minnesota marks the end of what is often a brutally cold, snow-filled winter and we strain to find the signs. Dazed and confused (and chilly!) robins flitting about. Drippy, muddy puddles that are deeper than you could imagine. And the ability to smell spring in the air even if it’s only 45 degrees […]... Read More
You receive the catalog in the mail. SURDYK’S SPRING SALE! (nevermind that the 3 feet of snow in your yard and current conditions mean you dress for survival instead of style.) It’s time to buy some wine! You head toward Northeast. Then it happens. As you enter the store, your eyes begin to glaze over at […]... Read More
I don’t know about you – but I am ready for spring. Yes, I love each of the seasons. Yes, I appreciate snow and Minnesota winter. And YES, I know it’s still February, but something about our dip into sub-zero territory has me looking for signs of spring any and everywhere. Bird chirp? Spring. Puddle […]... Read More
Up here in the ‘bold north,’ we were blessed with mild temps for the holidays, which made traveling and merry-making much less stressful.  Instead, we closed out January with some of the coldest weather on record…  the inevitable plunge into bone-chilling cold is here and Minnesota Winter is about to get real. Sure, Smartwool™ socks […]... Read More
Even if you aren’t a fan of football, you will likely be participating in some aspect of the Super Bowl. Whether you are rooting for the old guard, the young guns, or couldn’t care less but love you some Puppy Bowl, the game will be on. Fan or not, the festivities around the game are […]... Read More
Dry January? No thanks – our resolution is #TRYJANUARY! Keep the Bubbly Coming It should come as no surprise that bubbly sales skyrocket during the holidays. What is incredibly sad is how sharply they decline once the calendar year is flipped. Ask anyone on our wine staff what is the most versatile style of wine […]... Read More
Customers seeking to learn how to start aging wines often ask me questions. Since very few of us (myself included) had parents with wine cellars, many folks find it difficult to begin. Here are some suggestions that I have experience with, that do improve with age, that don’t cost a small fortune, and that don’t require […]... Read More
Gravlax is an easy recipe that makes a luxurious Scandinavian treat. Impress your guests with an impressive spread of hand-sliced gravlax with a mustard-dill sauce on pumpernickel toasts. Home Cured Gravlax -Mary Richter, Surdyk’s Culinary Director • 1 side, about 1 ½ lbs., cleaned, deboned salmon without the head, skin on Note: You want to […]... Read More
I love living in Minnesota for the four seasons and I enjoy all of them. Since summer is special and short-lived here, we are pretty good about making the most of when the weather is favorable to be outdoors. There have been a few developments in the wine industry that we think are pretty cool, […]... Read More
Sangria is the official drink of Summer at Surdyk’s! Stay with me beer lovers and white wine fans. I realize that when you think of Sangria, the traditional image of fruit-laden Spanish red wine comes to mind. But that is only one version. Any wine, as well as beer, can be made into Sangria. In fact, there isn’t a wrong […]... Read More
Summer begins officially on June 21 and we’re loving the sun and the heat… particularly because of the short spring & long winter! We’ve exchanged our heart cheddars and melty alpines for younger, softer cheeses. While these cheeses have great flavor, the can be overwhelmed by heavier wine making them natural pairings with summer favorite wines […]... Read More
I think that it is safe to say we have made it to spring. It’s May, and the weather has finally turned warm, and now it is time for Minnesota to shine. I can’t think of any better combination in spring than beer and (Twins) baseball. Yes, the Minnesota Twins may not have the best […]... Read More
There is a seemingly endless roster of cocktail bars in the area, each offering a distinctive atmosphere or signature drink. With all the jargon and frills associated with cocktail bars, it can feel intimidating to try your hand at crafting mixed drinks at home. Don’t worry; we’ve been there, and at Surdyk’s we have everything […]... Read More
We spend a lot of time searching for new and interesting cheeses that can’t be found at any other cheese counter in the area. Some are innovative approaches to cheese making, some are old world cheeses rarely imported to America, and some are a combination of both. Two of our newest cheeses fall into the […]... Read More
April Snow Showers bring what, exactly? When people think Minnesota, seasonal changes often come to mind. Some clever person correctly identified our four seasons as: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, Road Construction. So here we are smack in the middle of Still Winter with blustery snow falling rapidly and icy roads to contend with. If […]... Read More
Spring is a fickle time of year in our great state. We survived both winter and the Super Bowl, and now bets are on as to the rate of rising temps. Optimists among us have already broken out flip-flops and loaded bags filled with beach towels and sunscreen in the trunk. Others are still sporting […]... Read More
The last time Minnesota hosted the Super Bowl—January 26, 1992—the Twins had only months earlier won the World Series, “Wayne’s World” was throwing a party in theaters, Lunchables and locally owned Totino’s Pizza Rolls were popular snacks, and there was the infamous Zima clear malt beverage. On that day in 1992, the temperature outside the […]... Read More
It’s such a great time of year, especially when you have a handle on the season. Entertaining, gifting, gathering: It can seem overwhelming at times, so I like to break things down into smaller packages of time. Working at Surdyk’s, I am surrounded by wonderful, delicious things to eat and drink, so I typically do my Christmas shopping right here. My top five gifts to give for the holidays are extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, […]... Read More
Wood, Wood, everywhere – in every drop we drink. It’s no surprise to anyone that wood, or oak to be exact, plays an important role in the wine world. Oak barrels can be used in either or both the fermentation and aging process and those barrels oak can be new or used to varying degrees […]... Read More
Fall is a time for giving thanks. I would like to take this opportunity to share that the Surdyk’s staff and I are thankful for your loyal patronage and continued trust through our journey around the world. We continue to expand our selection of products from near and far, loving the experience that each gem […]... Read More
Summer. It doesn’t get much better. Warm temperatures and extended sunlight bring out the best in the majority of us who call Minnesota home. It’s the three-month reward for enduring cold, snow and daylight hours that often come and go within the typical eight-hour day and make you want to hunker down and stay indoors. […]... Read More
It’s not all the sweet stuff you may think it is. In that demure-looking bottle of pink wine just may be a dry little number with enough acidity to be just what you are looking for. The notion of pink wine may have been tainted by popular sweet wines in that hue that were all […]... Read More
Warm sunshine past 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the thermometer inching slightly upward – and wait – did I just hear a bird singing? I have lived in Minnesota long enough that these signs of spring do not surprise me, but they always do. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but there is something […]... Read More
There are so many great reasons these days to celebrate our local Midwest food roots, including that many of our local producers are also award winners. Red Table Meat Co. won three More Good Food Awards in San Francisco in 2016 for their handcrafted salami and cured meats. Red Table Speck ham, Coppa, and Big Chet’s […]... Read More
Marketing professionals would probably tell me to always reinforce the message that “I always love all the wines all the time.” I don’t. Readers of my occasional thoughts here on the various outlets that Surdyk’s provides to me will likely know that I am a guy who likes what I like, can appreciate a lot […]... Read More
Since 1934 it has been our tradition at Surdyk’s to be on top of the latest food and wine trends from around the world. We know you have traditions of your own, especially during the holiday season. We are here to help you fulfill the traditions that make your days merry and bright, check things […]... Read More
Move over big, bold reds—this French wine, with its moderate body and alcohol, is gaining attention. For many Minnesotans—certainly myself and most of the folks I hang out with—fall and winter are our favorite seasons. We enjoy summer but often it is a matter of enduring the heat and humidity— and spring, well, it has its charms but usually isn’t […]... Read More
This is a particularly exciting fall with elections around the corner. And with festivals and harvest celebrations to attend and cooler weather moving in, our taste buds are ready for a change too. When it comes to cheese, great summer weather makes for great fall cheeses. Seasonality is one of the least understood aspects of […]... Read More
Trends can be found everywhere in the world, from fashion and finance to right here in every aisle at Surdyk’s. The wine department has certainly witnessed its share of trends over the years. Think back to when Australian wines were everywhere, and we all remember the Malbec invasion from Argentina. (In fact that trend is […]... Read More
Every once in awhile you experience something that is so different yet so wonderful that you keep going back for more. You don’t know if you are revisiting it because you just like it, or because you’re still trying to figure out what it is. For many of us cheese lovers, blue cheese provides such an […]... Read More
Belgium has an unparalleled reputation brewing, as the meeting place of wine making countries, and beer making counties. Both beer and wine are highly influential in the way Belgian ales are made, why they are so complex, and why they are hard to classify. They can vary greatly in style: Blonde, Witte/White, Flemish Sours, Lambics, […]... Read More
Eating local is great, but if given the choice, I’d rather drink local. Especially in a state like Minnesota where we are surrounded by an ever-expanding beer scene. Each month there’s something new rolling into Surdyk’s, and it’s hard to keep up with it all. That’s why we’re offering a spotlight on some of the […]... Read More
Spring is upon us, and we are especially aware in the cheese shop because it’s time for some of our favorite cheeses to arrive. Even though the warm weather may not arrive in Minnesota as early as we would like, these lovely cheeses, which were produced last summer and fall, are released after aging and […]... Read More
These days the ritual of weekend brunch is omnipresent in nearly every city. From the greasy diner breakfast to the small plates passed with bottomless Mimosas, it’s become a time for a gathering of friends and family as much as the hearty Sunday dinner has always been. The popularity of brunch only seems to increase […]... Read More
2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Surdyk’s exclusive relationship with Peterson Winery. When we first began our partnership with Fred Peterson in 1996, this award-winning Dry Creek winery was just 9 years old. We really liked what we tasted, and were proud to be the retail store to introduce the Peterson Winery to Minnesota. Today, they are among the most beloved on our shelves, by […]... Read More
When was the last time you enjoyed a picnic? With the arrival of Spring, I would like to strongly suggest you take every opportunity to dine al fresco. All you need is a little help from Surdyk’s. Think of us as your picnic headquarters. Begin in our Cheese Shop, where our selection of cheeses and […]... Read More
February 14th is one of our favorite celebrations in the Cheese Shop. We prepare a special menu, crafting items with inspired ingredients. Next, our chefs go to work preparing dinner. You pick up a 3 course meal, ready to heat and serve with instructions and photos on how to perfectly plate your dishes. Finally, you enjoy […]... Read More
I want to share some thoughts about wine drinking generally in an environment that seems to be fixated on craft beers and local spirits. I love beer, am a huge fan of the Brown ales, porters and stouts that we offer. I have a small collection of the bigger stouts in my basement as an […]... Read More
It’s no secret by now that Surdyk’s Liquor has long been a family affair. Joseph Surdyk obtained the 11th liquor license in Minnesota after Prohibition ended and transformed his grocery store into a liquor and wine store. Passed down and expanded with each generation, Bill Surdyk, Jim Surdyk, and now Melissa, Molly and Taylor Surdyk work to uphold the legacy that […]... Read More
♫”We Wish you a Merry Christmas”♫   …you just can’t help but hum when you hear the term “figgy pudding.” It wouldn’t be out of place while you’re picking up one of your own; the new annual traditional Surdyk’s Cheese Shop.  We introduced them 4 years ago, and our figgy’s have become a holiday staple for many of our loyal […]... Read More
Yes, the cheese does stand alone! In our opinion, there really is no better gift than cheese. What cook among us would not love to be the recipient of a beautiful two-pound  wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano or a kilo of truffled Pecorino? What about a round of aromatic Camembert or chèvre for the Francophile? For those […]... Read More
That first hint of fall in the air is one of the greatest joys I know. Often it’s followed by another enticing aroma – the smell of smoke, because where there’s fall, there’s fire. The smell of fire pits and fireplaces, campfires and bonfires is more noticeable during this often too-short season. That alluring aroma of smoke […]... Read More
Three times this past  summer I had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious bottle of white wine that made me say, “Ah, yes! This, this is the wine I’ve been craving!” Each wine was different but they shared one big thing in common: They were all white Bordeaux. If you want to find a category of wine that is out of favor, look […]... Read More
It seems like once Labor Day has commenced and the leaves start losing their green pigment, people go nuts for the flavors of the season. Fall is particularly popular in Minnesota—humidity takes a backseat to crisp air, and there is the hope of flurries holding off until as late as possible.  I think fall flavors are more popular than […]... Read More
It is a great time of year to work in the kitchen with the wonderful bounty of produce from our many local farmers. It has been a great year for tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, kale and corn, and we have worked hard to prepare them to their best advantage, which often means keeping the preparation simple. […]... Read More
Pair vibrant, ripe summer berries, fresh cut herbs from your garden  -mint, basil, oregano –  and invigorating citrus fruits with the best flavored vodkas for easy to create, party ready cocktails that will leave you and your guests refreshed during the hot summer months. Find these recipes and more in the Summer DRINKS Magazine, available in-store. […]... Read More
The typical Minnesota weather gives us ample opportunity to drink big, heavy red wines. However, when summer arrives, and especially with July, it’s with soaring temps and lots of humidity! While you probably have your favorite whites that you return to over and over, we encourage you to take the opportunity to drink something new, […]... Read More
What’s up, and what’s not!  | I am often asked by customers, friends, and even co-workers what is new, hot, or trendy in the wine department. There are always several answers to these questions. Sometimes I feel like the proverbial broken record with the same answers all the time, but lately there is much afoot, with […]... Read More
The 4th of July. A blissful day of vacation perfectly situated into the midsummer. It means BBQ, friends, and a day to celebrate all things Americana, but that’s not just baseball and apple pie, it’s also whiskey. Bourbon, that is. Bourbon is the quintessential American spirit, and it’s the only spirit recognized by a federal […]... Read More
As Surdyk’s celebrates its 82nd(!) year of business and summer weather has arrived, my mind turns to beer. This past December saw a changing of the guard in the beer department. Mark Selner, our official Beermeister and department supervisor, retired after 42 years, leaving, as your might imagine, some mighty big shoes to fill. Considering […]... Read More
Today is the last day of the cheesemonger sale, and we’re going out with three of our favorite cheeses. Cheesemonger Emeline’s Pick for Saturday, June 6: Bent River Camembert  I challenge anyone to eat this oozing and delicious Camembert and say that the French make it better. Sale Price: $16.09  (regular price: 22.99) Cheese buyer Christians Pick […]... Read More
The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions. Cheese Buyer Christian’s Pick for Friday, June 5: Pleasant Ridge Reserve  It is nearly impossible to think of American artisanal cheese without thinking of this multi-award winner. This is the king of American cheese. Long live the king! Try pairing with […]... Read More
The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions. Cheesemonger Eden’s Pick for June 4: Fourme d’Ambert  This amazing blue is one of France’s oldest cheeses, dating back to Roman times over 1,000 years ago! It has a dense and velvety texture, prominent blue veining, and sweet quality. Drizzle with […]... Read More
The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions. Cheesemonger Nick’s Pick for June 3: Challerhocker We are very fortunate to carry Challerhocker at Surdyk’s Cheese Shop, and it is easily one of my all-time favorites in the case! There is a rich, nutty sweetness to this cheese, but […]... Read More
The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions. Cheesemonger Kate’s Pick for June 2: Chabrin When a cheese has been around for over 2000 years with little to no changes, you know it’s worth taking note of. It’s got the perfect crisp, yet mild tang to perfectly complement the […]... Read More
The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions. Cheesemonger Josh’s Pick for June 1: Harbison  A spoonable, soft-ripened cheese wrapped in spruce bark and aged 6-13 weeks. It’s like take on Vacherin Mont d’Or with roasty, toasty notes of a Vermont campfire. Delicious! Pair it with Charles […]... Read More
The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions. Cheesemonger Dane’s Pick for May 30: Quadrello di Bufala This cheese epitomizes Water Buffalo milk with its robust rustic qualities, tempered by its fatty richness. Pair with Michele Chiarlo Barbera d’Asti: Italian red wine with layers of dried cherry and cranberry […]... Read More
The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions. Cheesemonger Calder’s Pick for May 29: Pecorino Toscano Riserva  An authentic taste of Italy. This Pecorino is a prime example of the cheeses that fill the cheese shops of Tuscany. Pair it with Verrazzano Rosso: Tuscan Red wine with […]... Read More
It’s the 1st day of the Cheesemonger Sale. Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions Cheesemonger Megan’s Pick for May 28: Ossau-Iraty  “Ossau-Iraty? More like, oh so tasty!” This French sheep’s milk cheese is complex with strong nutty notes, which makes it a great choice for any occasion.  Pair it with Steele […]... Read More
The word shrub calls to mind a short, stemmy, woody plant, similar to a bush but maybe even a bit bushier. It also refers to a delicious vinegar-based syrup that makes any drink – alcoholic or not – more refreshing. That’s the shrub I am talking about. Popular in colonial times, this old-fashioned drink is […]... Read More
Stop in store during our Super Heart Healthy Sale (April 23-May 2) to register to win Drinks for a Year! This prize will keep on giving to one lucky winner. That winner will be able to pick up a pre-determined drink – makings for a cocktail, a selection of wine, beer or sake etc. –  each month for a […]... Read More
Join us for a special tasting event!! We praise wine & beer as being the ultimate companion to cheese, but what about spirits? In this tasting, we will explore the world of craft cocktails and how to best to pair them with cheese. Sweet and salty, bitter and savory can become some pretty inspired pairings […]... Read More
Easter, steeped in tradition and celebration, is one holiday where wine is often an afterthought, if it is even a thought at all. With everyone occupied with baskets, chocolate bunnies, and egg hunts – it’s easy to see why. We think the Easter wine is as deserving of your attention as the rest of the […]... Read More
Minnesotans anticipate the arrival of springtime far earlier than they do any other season. (Survive a few chilled-to-the-bone months in our frigid tundra, and it’s easy to see why!) Whether you celebrate the promise of more daylight by paging through seed catalogs or perusing CSA memberships, one thing is certain, it is always a time […]... Read More
March 1st was “National Pig Day”, a day dear to our charcuterie loving hearts. We were lucky enough to spend this most delicious of holidays at Loews Hotel for Minneapolis’ first ever Cochon 555 : a celebration of all things pork. The event takes its name from the French name for a domesticated pig (cochon) and […]... Read More
The number one best thing about being in the drinks business is the great and wonderful variety of flavors and experiences we get to enjoy. I focus primarily on the wines here at Surdyk’s, but I am equally impressed with the offerings that we get to present to our customers from all of our other […]... Read More
We’ve got a great deal going on now for one of our staff & customer favorite weeknight red wines, Carraia Aglianico.  Aglianico is an ancient varietal with Greek origins that thrives in Sicily’s sunny, warm Mediterranean climate. This is the perfect bottle to open at home with your mom’s classic lasagna recipe, on Friday pizza […]... Read More
Even in the dead of winter – which this officially is – often the food we love to eat like Chicken Pot Pie, or Swedish Meatballs in Cream Sauce really longs to be paired with a white wine. But not just any white! In the expansive world of whites, there are several varietals made for this […]... Read More
With the holidays behind us and your white Christmas officially turned to nothing but a cold, grey winter… and January can feel, well, bleak.  I think January is an opportune time to play host to your friends.  Everyone needs an excuse to get out of the house!  Host some friends, have the fireplace going, play […]... Read More
How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? A quiet evening for two? A dinner with a handful of your closest friends? Or do you throw the New Year’s party to end all parties? However you choose to ring in 2015, one thing is certain – you must have bubbly. Surdyk’s has one of the largest […]... Read More
It’s party time- time to share all your good cheer with family and friends. We’ve come up with lots of delicious ideas to help you with your party plans, and hope you’ll check out our Holiday Menu. We source most of our ingredients from local producers, such as Kadejan and Otis Farm for free-range, humanely […]... Read More
It was a perfect fall day when the Surdyk’s Cheese Shop team trouped into Northeast’s most exciting new building: 1401 NE Marshall Street, the new home of Red Table Meats. The brainchild of longtime Minneapolis chef Mike Phillips and Kieran Follaird, the gastronome’s entrepreneur, Red Table finally has a home. Tucked away inside an unassuming […]... Read More
A bright spot for any cheese lover, the return of chilly weather brings with it Rogue River Blue.  This rich, creamy blue from Oregon’s Rogue Creamery  is wrapped in grape leaves that have been macerated in pear brandy. Decadent and almost candy-sweet, Rogue River is sure to be the highlight of any holiday cheese plate. […]... Read More
$20 Off Your Purchase of $100 or More! • Click through to the post to get your coupon! • Are you a master at making potions? Do you make a mean witches brew? Show us your Halloween “Spirits” by submitting a photo of your Halloween inspired cocktail, your Halloween party spread, or your choice of Halloween […]... Read More
Alpage Gruyere is here! This incredibly rare, handcrafted cheese comes to us from the Swiss Alps, rich with notes of brown butter, sweet cream, and the wild herbs abundant in mountainside pastures. If you’re searching for a cheese that embodies alpine terroir, look no further. More than just a fancy label, the Alpage designation is […]... Read More
You may know him from his work as winemaker with Witness Tree Vineyards in Willamette Valley, Oregon, but Steven Westby also makes great wine under his own label: Elemental Cellars. On a recent visit, he spoke excitedly of a single vineyard 2012 Pinot Noir he was about to release. We knew that the 2012 Oregon […]... Read More
Bad news, Rush Creek Reserve fans. Thanks to recent shifts in FDA restrictions, this perennial star of our local selection won’t be returning in 2014. Andy Hatch, Uplands Cheese Company’s head cheesemaker & co-owner, has decided to not produce their delicious vacherin-styled soft cheese this year. Breaking the decision to cheesemongers, Andy wrote: “it’s disappointing […]... Read More
Fall always seems to be a season Minnesotans can’t get enough of. For one, it’s fleeting. It’s hard to pack all the great flavors and activities in before winter starts to show its face once again. This year, there’s even more for our state to be excited about, and specifically our neighborhood, as TCF Bank is set […]... Read More
Welcome to the NEW surdyks.com! We’re excited to bring you an entirely new website experience, both in content and online shopping. Our new website has a lot of great new features, including TONS of new products, with pictures, reviews, near-real-time inventory, and so much more to offer. If you are an existing Heart Healthy Member, we […]... Read More
Summer Survival Guide:  The Drinking Edition It is hot, hot, hot!  The dog days of summer are here and there are just a few things you need for a refreshing summer drink- a super drinkable, cold white wine and some super-easy cocktails with one common ingredient. There is no better quaff for July than the […]... Read More
The Ultimate Summer Party: Backyard Paella Summer. So warm, so lovely, so very fleeting. What’s a Minnesotan to do but make the most of it? Outdoor entertaining is clearly the key to savoring the season, though I’ll admit that by mid-July I’m pretty much over brat and burgers. Craving something a little more interesting like […]... Read More
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