Today’s Sandwiches

Tuesday, February 18

Menu subject to change.

Grilled Reuben $8.49

The classic sandwich of corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut grilled on a variety of breads.

The Fun Guy $7.99

If you love mushrooms, this one’s for you! With arugula and truffle pecorino, too.

Croque Madame with Egg Panini $7.99

This Panini is made with Swiss Gruyere, French Jambon, fried egg, and mustard, grilled with lightly buttered bread.

The Felix $8.49

A little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll. That’s our Felix—fried chicken cutlet, hot peppers, slaw, and sriracha mayo.

The Grand Marais $7.99

Flavors of the North Woods all in your lunch—caraway, clove, and cumin, with smokey ham, salami, and tangy dressing.

Euro Sandwich $7.99

Smoked Ham, Salami, Fresh Mozzarella, aioli, balsamic vinaigrette, and lettuce on a baguette.

Ficelle $5.99

Thin crisp baguette with sweet, organic butter and varied salumi. This is the perfect sandwich!

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