Cheesemonger Sale Pick of the Day

Cheesemonger Sale Pick of the Day

The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions.

Cheesemonger Eden’s Pick for June 4: Fourme d’Ambert 
This amazing blue is one of France’s oldest cheeses, dating back to Roman times over 1,000 years ago! It has a dense and velvety texture, prominent blue veining, and sweet quality. Drizzle with honey and serve as a memorable dessert. Sale Price: $11.19  (regular price: 15.99)


Cheesemonger Nora’s Pick for June 4: Leonora
I adore Leonora and not just because we share a name. Bright and peppery, it’s so easy to enjoy! Try it with a favorite ale and a little bread, nothing more required. I recommend the Summit Hopvale Organic Ale, with the perfect hop bitterness and citrus finish to go with the tangy goat cheese. Sale Price: $15.39  (regular price: 21.99)

The Cheesemonger Sale features 5 favorite cheeses each day throughout the sale plus every day there will be a new “cheesemonger pick” on deep discount. cheesemonger-sale

5 Favorites on sale every day include: Smoked Marieke Gouda      Sale: $12.99 per pound  (regular: 16.29) Parmigiano Reggiano          Sale: $11.99 per pound  (regular: 18.99) Widmer’s 6 -Year Cheddar   Sale: $10.99 per pound (regular: 15.99) Delice de Bourgogne              Sale: $8.99 per pound (regular 15.99) Cave Aged Gruyere                 Sale: $11.99 per pound (regular 18.99)

Check the website or follow Surdyk’s Cheese Shop on Twitter or Instagram @surdykscheese daily for our picks!

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