Cheesemonger Sale Pick of the Day

Cheesemonger Sale Pick of the Day

The Cheesemonger Sale is on now! Watch our blog for the daily picks and pairing suggestions.

Cheesemonger Kate’s Pick for June 2: Chabrin

When a cheese has been around for over 2000 years with little to no changes, you know it’s worth taking note of. It’s got the perfect crisp, yet mild tang to perfectly complement the beauty of late spring and early summer weather. It is sinfully good with a nice white wine, like Armand Roux Verdillac Blanc. A dry and crisp Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux that is dominated by citrus and a slately minerality. A perfect pick for the first few days of June.
Sale Price: $13.99  (regular price: 19.99)

Cheesemonger Nate’s Pick for June 2: Isle of Mull Cheddar by Neal Yard’s Dairy

Made in Scotland near Tobermory, the cheesemakers supplement the cow’s diet with whisky mash! It contributes a unique flavor to the delicious cheddar; sharp and fruity.
Sale Price: $18.19   (regular price: 25.99)


The Cheesemonger Sale features 5 favorite cheeses each day throughout the sale plus every day there will be a new “cheesemonger pick” on deep discount.



5 Favorites on sale every day include:

Smoked Marieke Gouda      Sale: $12.99 per pound  (regular: 16.29)

Parmigiano Reggiano          Sale: $11.99 per pound  (regular: 18.99)

Widmer’s 6 -Year Cheddar   Sale: $10.99 per pound (regular: 15.99)

Delice de Bourgogne              Sale: $8.99 per pound (regular 15.99)

Cave Aged Gruyere                 Sale: $11.99 per pound (regular 18.99)


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