Celebration Season

Celebration Season

It’s party time- time to share all your good cheer with family and friends. We’ve come up with lots of delicious ideas to help you with your party plans, and hope you’ll check out our Holiday Menu.

We source most of our ingredients from local producers, such as Kadejan and Otis Farm for free-range, humanely raised poultry; Fischer Farms for our range-raised pork; and Thousand Hill Ranch for grass-fed beef. These are important factors for us when choosing the products we sell. We know it’s important to many of our customers, too, and it’s one of the details that sets our food apart from your chain grocery store. Our Holiday Entertaining menu is chock-full of delicious, fun party food, including Minnesota Beer Cheese Soup Shooters, Caramelized Onion and Potato Strudel, Deviled Eggs, crispy Porchetta, Smoked Salmon, and more.

Our Figgy Puddings have become a holiday tradition for many loyal customers. They are available the week of Thanksgiving through New Year’s. We use mostly organic ingredients, from flour, sugar, eggs, butter, add dried fruits: fig, currants, sultana raisins and cranberries – and then soak them in rum and brandy. We make a wonderful, classic hard sauce to serve alongside, although a few slices of figgy pudding with cheese makes an elegant dessert on its own. We recommend reserving your figgy pudding to ensure you’ll have one when you want it.


I can’t think of another year when we’ve had so many great ingredients to choose from when it comes to menu planning. This fall, we debuted Red Table Meats, charcutier Mike Phillip’s new venture. His cured meats and salumi couldn’t be more spot on for quality, seasoning, texture and taste, and we are so excited to have them. It would be difficult to choose one over the others, and we keep adding to our selection. We currently have the Royal (Ham), Pork Queen, Lonza, Coppa, Pancetta, Francois, Guanciale, Salbando, and the Vecchio. You’ll want to take some home to enjoy with good bread, butter, olives, wine, beer, cider and cheese. Pick up an assortment along with a few accompaniments and call it dinner. Keith Adams, cheese maker and owner of the Alemar Cheese Company (which brings us Bent River Camembert and Good Thunder) has added a new, soft-ripened, creamy 1 kilo round he calls Blue Earth, named for the county in which his cheeses are made, near Mankato, Minnesota.



Bring on the cooler weather and chilly nights, and we are in love again with fondue “kit” for the season, so you can whip up a quick fondue without any fuss. Our cheese buyer Christian Petty has several favorite cheeses he likes to use for fondue, such as classic Alpage Gruyere, Caved Aged Gruyere, Scharfe Maxx, Cave Aged Emmenthaler, and Vacherin Friebourgeois. Why save fondue for a special occasion? It couldn’t be easier to melt and serve, so why not surprise your family with a fragrant, cheesy fondue night in the middle of the week?

– Mary Richter, Cheese Shop Manager

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