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Bishop's Peak is the second label for Talley Vineyards, an estate that specializes in ultra-premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the central coast of California since 1986. Under the Talley label, award winning Pinot Noir comes from three estate owned vineyards: Rincon, Rosemary's, and Stone Corral. Enter the Bishop's Peak label, where some of that stunning fruit finds its way to the bottle (along with grapes from growers who the Talley family have come to know and trust) at a much more affordable price. Our family's Easter dinner often features lamb chops marinated with rosemary and garlic. Any other time of the year Syrah would be my first choice, but something about my optimism for spring and the depth of character this Pinot delivers, makes this my first and only choice for the meal. The wine's a beautiful color with enough transparency to see through. The aromas are cherry fruit and spice box - everything from dried thyme to cinnamon. There's a hint of smokiness on the nose that means this is a wine for grilled anything. The mouthfeel is incredibly silky and the wine finishes with a brightness that compliments the richness of the herbed lamb. Perfect for Easter! And honestly any other time your meal calls for Pinot. - Noelle Starr, Wine Consultant

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