Surdyk’s Series: SOUR

Series 640 x 425
Introducing Surdyk’s Series! During each several-week series, we will feature & taste a new product in a specific style on Thursday nights from 5pm-8pm.

Our first Series will focus on Sours.





Sour beers happen when acidifying bacteria (Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus) is introduced in conjunction with wild or commercial yeast to the fermenting beer.  They can range from a light, golden ale to a strong, dark stout. Sour beer originally came from not having modern sanitation. The “sour” characteristics came from the warm weather which would acidify the bacteria and wild yeast.

Old World styles were often produced aging the beer in wooden barrels. This is to control the acidity levels and produce an agreeable flavor.

Classic Old World styles include German Berliner Weisse, Belgian Oud Bruin, Flanders Red, and Lambics.

New World styles are beers that have no style guidelines (an anything goes approach). They are pushing the boundaries, blends, and many are aged in wine or bourbon barrels.



Braised Meats – the sour flavor cuts through the richness

Stinky Cheeses – work best with Brettanomyces beers

Brie & Fig Jam – try with a dark sour, playing off the dark malts and dried fruit components

Chocolate Desserts – try with Fruit Lambic


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