Holiday Beer Pairings

Pairing isn’t just for wine! Surdyk’s beer staff has you covered when it comes to selecting the perfect beer to pair with your holiday dinner.


Main Courses


Pair with: Prime Rib

New Belgium 1554 Black Lager – 6 pack bottles

Toasty, roasty, slightly sweet notes will contrast any richness and fattiness in the meat. 

All New Belgium 6pks are on sale: $7.49, regular price: 7.99

Odell Cutthroat Porter- 6 pack bottles

Dark, roasted flavors will mimic the charring flavors on the grilled meat. 

All Odell 6 packs available on sale: $7.49, regular price: 9.29

Pair with: Ham

Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen – 6 pack bottles

Apricot, fruity sweetness will complement the salty richness of the ham.

All Wasatch 6 packs available on sale: $7.29, regular price: 8.29

Angry Orchard Muse Cider -750ml

Bubbly, effervescent, vanilla and clove notes add to any maple-glazed ham. Also, try adding some cider into the gravy!
All other 750ml Angry Orchard Ciders are on sale: $11.99, regular price: 13.99

Side Dishes


Pair with: Scalloped Potatoes:

Badger Hill MSB

Minnesota Special Bitter has balanced caramel and malty flavors that will soften up the sharp cheddar in this rich dish. Local!
Other Badger Hill 6 packs on sale: $8.29, regular price: $9.49

Alaskan Amber

Try adding 1 cup of beer to the sauteed onions and cook until the liquid evaporates. Adds complexity and flavor.
Other Alaskan 6 packs on sale: $7.29, regular price $7.99

Pair with: Green Bean Casserole

Summit Hopvale

Citrus character in the hops will meld with the fresh lemon juice and the crispy green beans in the dish.
On Sale: $6.49, regular price $9.29

Hebrew Genesis

Malty, light hop character will cut any fattiness from the cream and the malts will blend well with the earthy mushroom.
On Sale: $8.69, regular price $9.99




Sam Adams Winter Lager

Malty sweetness, robust, brewed with fresh ginger and cinnamon which intensifies tha spice in the cookies.
12 pks On Sale: $11.99, regular price $12.99

Indeed Old Friend Holiday Ale

Fresh ginger, malt complexity complements the molasses and brown sugar in your gingerbread men.
On Sale: $10.49 750ml – limited release


Lindeman’s Framboise

Fresh raspberry aroma and flavor, this complex lambic will create wonderful flavors when paired with chocolate peanut butter truffles.
750ml On Sale: $7.69, regular price $9.99

Boom Island Yule

Rich, dark, brewed with tart cherries. Slight bitterness pairs well with any bittersweet cocoa flavors.
750ml On Sale: $13.99 – limited release.

Sugar Cookies

Duvel Golden Ale

Maltiness in this strong golden ale will emphasize the bready character in the cookies.
4 pack On Sale: $13.39, regular price $13.99

Victory Golden Monkey

The fruit and spicy characters that come from the yeast will tone down the sweet frosting.
750ml bottle On Sale: $6.19, regular price 6.49

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