Summer Survival Guide: The Drinking Edition

Summer Survival Guide: The Drinking Edition

Summer Survival Guide:  The Drinking Edition

It is hot, hot, hot!  The dog days of summer are here and there are just a few things you need for a refreshing summer drink- a super drinkable, cold white wine and some super-easy cocktails with one common ingredient.

There is no better quaff for July than the white wines of Vinho Verde on a steamy July evening.  Vinho Verde is the D.O.C. region on the lush, northwest coast of Portugal. The name Vinho Verde, or “green wine,” refers to the youthful style of this refreshing white wine, not the color.  These wines aren’t made to be hyper-complex, they are effortlessly drinkable, you can just sip and enjoy.  They are light, dry and have a gentle effervescence.

Try the Gazela Vinho Verde with lip-smacking tartness, green apple and lime zest and yes, all those zesty-likeable qualities. New to the shelves is The J.M. Fonseca “Twin Vines” Vinho Verde, which I am enjoying for its gentle floral notes alongside the vibrant acidity.   I love drinking Vinho Verde on the deck with an arugula salad sprinkled with chevre, sea salt and a lemon dressing.  Both of these wines have screw caps- bonus for picnics and bringing along to parties.   Also noteworthy: these wines are a steal!  Find these wines (and more just like it) for under $7 so you can most definitely feel good about sharing.

If you prefer a quenching cocktail, but are getting a bit tired of the gin and tonic’s you’ve been slinging since the first thaw, it’s time to pick up some ginger beer.  (Look for Reed’s Ginger Brew or Gosling’s.) Think of ginger beer as a pantry staple during the summer months to make a variety of spicy, delicious and sooooo easy cocktails.

Mix dark rum and a wedge of lime in a highball glass for a Dark & Stormy.   Mix with vodka and lime juice for a Moscow Mule. (I should mention that Surdyk’s Flights serves a great one if you are heading to the airport on vacation!)

Mix ginger beer with the venerable Pimm’s and some cucumber wedges for a Pimm’s Cup.  Right now, I am loving ginger beer mixed with your favorite pale ale to make a refreshing Ginger-Shandy.

The key to keeping cool in the hot days of summer is to keep it simple, and super refreshing!  (Is anyone else extremely thirsty right now??)

Cheers to summer!  – Lindsey Coleman


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