2020 Trends

2020 Trends

What’s going to be in your glass in 2020? The past few years have brought many exciting trends to our business. The explosion of craft beer scene and with it, all the creative and fun beers now being brewed. Whiskeys (from everywhere) and tequilas saw a huge surge in interest and thankfully, quality! Rosé wine might have been just another trend, but instead is officially a thing that’s here to stay. As we move into a new decade, here’s what we are seeing and what you will want to be drinking!

Made in Minnesota
The force that is Locally Made – brewed, fermented, or distilled – cannot be denied! As Minnesota makers continue to set the bar higher and higher, new items in the spring sale catalog available for wine (p. 11), beer and cider (p. 13), and spirits (starting on p. 14) and more arrive each week!

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails
With both national and local distilleries bringing the ease of well-crafted, pre-made cocktails to your glass, we see no sign of this trend slowing down! You can
find gift-worthy bottles to grab & go 4 pack cans on page 14.

Low-Proof/No Proof Imbibing
Finally! Great options beyond your bottle of Pop (in ‘sota, we drink pop) if you’re looking for a beverage that won’t bite so hard. All categories are seeing a trend in more and better options in low-to-no ABV beverages. No-Proof beers are expanding, even from craft brewers. Renewed interest in old-world winemaking offers reasonable ABV levels. Hard Seltzers (p.12) have taken over our shelves and your fridge. Zero proof cocktail bases, drinking vinegar and shrubs are
both delicious and versatile with or without the spirits!

Whether you love to follow trends or prefer to stay in your lane, we’ve got something for you during the Surdyk’s Spring Sale!

Get ready to shop: View the Catalog


Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

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