Wild Meadows Merlot


Our Merlot display at Surdyk’s is loaded with good drinking wine but our customers pass it by looking for more exciting…more popular…possibly more “in-the-moment”
reds that are commanding the spotlight. Really good values and great tasting Merlot is missed, as this happens. I have just discovered a real gem in among our
Merlots. Sale time and bargain prices make this wine a must buy! Wild Meadows Merlot is a Washington state wine. The grapes are harvested from select vineyards
in the Columbia Valley. Over the years, Washington Merlot has established itself as distinctive in taste and robust in style…even in inexpensive value wine. I prefer Washington Merlot to those from California. More personality and deeper flavors. This 2011 bottling is really charged with fruit expression, fruitcake spiciness
and solid Merlot varietal character.  Fragrant floral aromas give way to red berry fruitiness. Some of the real charm here is fullness of texture and obvious
wood barrel notes of dried mushroom, forest woodiness and what I’ll call a Columbia Valley dry desert dustiness. This is a great taste at a low, low price. Customers are often asking me to point out the best bargain during our sale…this is it! You should buy it by the case.   — Bill McCleary, Wine Consultant

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