Tenshen Red


(Santa Barbara, California) Perfect for your weekend BBQ from Wine Buyer, Andy Hall : “While I’ve been moving toward a lot of lighter reds in my personal drinking preferences lately, I do still love a grand big bottle of fruit-driven California deliciousness from time to time. A great deal of attention has been paid lately to this style of blended reds, with big fat wines, some with a little sweetness, some without, but always full of fruit and bursting with energy. I think a lot of these wines are chasing the same thing, and many of them succeed, but few of them appear to have succeeded in the way that this bottling has. Made by Joe Tensley from hand-selected parcels of Rhone varietals (Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, etc.) grown in Santa Barbara County, this is a wine you know is going to be a mouthful. At 15.5% alcohol, it definitely delivers, and does so with all the abundance of spice and complexity that you could hope for. Initally released to the market at $27.99, we took a pass, but now, at half that… we are 100% onboard. There are a lot of wines in this style that you can choose from right now, but this one actually does deliver the quality and complexity that we hope for from a wine that asks us to pay a little more. Kudos to them, and happy drinking to us!”

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