Sean Minor Pinot Noir


Join us for an in-store tasting on Tuesday, July 21 4pm- 7pm with owner and founder of California’s Sean Minor wines. Sean Minor has a passion for making high-quality California wines that are affordable and approachable by all. We’ll be tasting wines from his popular and delicious Four Bears lineup, as well as the staff selection of our wine buyer, Andy Hall: Sean Minor Carneros Pinot Noir.


Staff Selection • by Andy Hall:
I’ll admit, when we learned that Sean Minor himself would be visiting us in the store and pouring his wines for our customers, I took a few bottles off the shelf for the staff to taste and reacquaint ourselves with them. We’ve liked these wines quite a bit over the last few years that we have stocked them, but this Pinot Noir caught my eye in particular for a few reasons. First, I know that Sean is particularly keen to make good Pinot. Second, our shelves were showing 2012 vintage when many of the other wines in its price range had already moved on to 2013. And third,there just aren’t many Carneros Pinots any more under $30. Carneros, straddling the southern ends of both Napa and Sonoma counties, is one of the great Pinot Noir producing areas that the United States has to offer, producing wines with both elegance and strength. The 2012 vintage was a very good one for the area, but what I liked most about the vintage in this case is that it signified a certain level of maturity for the wine. I find freshly bottled Pinot to be nervy, a little crisp with the acids, flavor points popping out like runners’ elbows during a crowded race, and just not always lovely. A year later, the same wine: delish…! Settled, more calm, showing flavors that work together, acids more in balance with the fruit. So I had some expectations that this would be a very good bottle of wine, and it turned out to be everything I had hoped for. Balanced, expressive, showing perfect Pinot fruit and a lovely, silken texture across the palate, with a nice long finish… This is the wine I want when I crave a good California Pinot Noir. I think it is what you will want also, and you don’t even have to wait for it to come around… in fact, you should probably not wait at all, as you are likely to miss out if you do.

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