JM Fonseca Jose de Sousa


Taste Noelle Starr’s Staff Selection, Jose de Sousa, on Friday and Saturday, July 8 & 9 with Antonio Franco, vice president & 7th generation owner of JM da Fonseca – 11:00 am until 6:00 pm.


I have to admit I was a little late in discovering Portuguese wines. Not for any reason other than I was too busy spending my time drinking the wines from their Spanish neighbors! We are very lucky to work closely with the
JM da Fonseca family and their ambassador, Maria Stevens. On one of her recent visits to our store she introduced us to a wine from a historic estate in the Alantejano region. The Jose de Sousa winery was established in 1878 and when the Fonseca family acquired it in the mid- 1980s, their intent was to continue using the ancient, time-honored winemaking techniques employed by the estate since its origin over one hundred years before. To this day, a portion of this blend of Trincadeira, Aragonês, and Grand Noir grapes are fermented in clay amphorae, an extremely rare method that dates back to Roman times. The result is magnificent: it’s full of dark-fleshed fruit in its brightest
forms, warm cedar, tobacco leaf, and a long, intense finish. If you haven’t yet fallen for Portuguese wines, I suggest an evening with this exceptional red! – Noelle Starr, Wine Consultant


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