Arnoux Père et Fils Chorey-lès-Beaune


Andy Hall’s Staff Selection:  I have had the great good fortune over the years to enjoy many bottles of good red Burgundy. As many customers can relate, these Pinot Noirs from Burgundy are often the source of wine drinkers’ greatest wine experiences (and also some of their most  disappointing). I have made it one of my objectives here to always offer a good selection of affordable red Burgs. Frankly, this is getting more and more difficult to accomplish. Demand for Burgundy has exploded world-wide, driving prices on the top bottles into the stratosphere. It is difficult to find anything other than basic Bourgogne Rouge for much less than $40.00 any more. This particular wine, from a very small but high-quality vintage, has really come of age in the last year. This is not uncommon, often Burgs are drinkable young, but often they don’t show their real personalities until they have a few years in the bottle, and that is the case here. Now shed of its “baby-fat fruitiness” the wine is showing its minerality and complexity now. I understand this is still not at a price point that allows most of us to drink this regularly (for which see my Cline review) but if you are looking for a good entry-point to this category, or just want to taste what all the fuss is about, this is a fabulous place to start.



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