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I can almost guarantee the reaction when a customer asks me for a Sauvignon Blanc recommendation and I suggest von Winning Sauvignon Blanc II from Germany. Confusion and sometimes suspicion are written all over their faces. An understandable reaction – as most people associate Germany first with Riesling, and second, with sweet wine. The truth […]... Read More
Sours have become a staple in just about every brewery’s portfolio. The style has evolved into one that’s more approachable, with varying degrees of sourness, and often will incorporate flavors that are great for the season. I think that makes it a perfect option for all kinds of drinkers. One of my favorites is SKA […]... Read More
This wine has been one of my favorites for many years, and I can think of no better time to revisit classic favorites than now. The style here has typically been to use California fruit and make a wine with deeply French sympathies. This means that there is an effort in the vineyards to pick […]... Read More
Considered Spain’s most famous and important wine for the past 130 years, Rioja has evolved in the past 20 years to include a more modern style of winemaking that produces fruitier, more youthful wines. The old school method is to age the wine in old, neutral American oak barrels for long periods to create silky, […]... Read More
I have a cellar (read: cool, dark, unfinished basement wall) in the corner of my home’s lower level where I store wine and occasionally some stray holiday decorations. It’s not an official cellar but it serves my needs perfectly. And while there are a few wines I am aging, it is basically a landing pad for wines that I will be consuming within the […]... Read More
There is a general misconception that all “red blends” are alike. And yes, there are several examples out in the market that support this opinion. It’s what happens when the blending of varietals is being done to make simple, unassuming wine that creates little or no thought about what is actually being tasted. However, when […]... Read More
We have carried this wine for well over a decade and considering its incredible value and unique bottle, I’m constantly surprised to find there are white wine drinkers who still haven’t tried this. So let’s begin at the beginning. Gruner Veltliner is a grape variety common to Austria. It’s like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Blanc, except […]... Read More
As one of Champagne’s most successful grower-producer houses, we here at Surdyk’s are honored to have this wine to offer. Situated in the heart of the “Côte des Blancs,” the family-owned Pierre Peters has, unlike its bigger brethren, the ability to completely manage production from vine to glass. Their 19 hectares of vines now have an average age of over 30 years, lying […]... Read More
For years I have enjoyed the wines of South America, which offer exceptional quality and complexity at very reasonable prices. Chile is blessed with unique geographic conditions: the Pacific Ocean to the west and the stunning Andes mountain range to the east. This contrast creates a temperate Mediterranean climate with high-temperature swings from day to night that ensures […]... Read More
Taste Portlandia in-store this week! See Events Calendar for more details. • “Don’t get me wrong; I’m excited so many people are enjoying rosé. Now, the next step is for more of you to find out just how beautifully they can please as a year-round table wine. This rosé is primarily Pinot Noir that has had […]... Read More
In the Piedmont wine region of Italy, the Barolo wine is the star attraction, but most resident Italians prefer and love the Barbera grape and the delicious plummy red wine it makes for everyday meals. It certainly is my favorite, as well. This particular Rizieri bottling is fabulous, a fall sale feature, and should be in your shopping cart. Its […]... Read More
Masbon Vouvray is one of the crown jewels in the Surdyk’s wine department. This is a special bottling, made for us (and only for us) at Surdyk’s by one of the Loire Valley’s top producers. You will not find this wine on the internet, in other stores, in other countries; it is only here at Surdyk’s. We […]... Read More
Luzon has always been a reliable name in affordable, delicious Spanish wines. We’ve been fortunate here at Surdyk’s to offer a wide variety of their wines, all being great values and good representatives of their regions and grapes. The Tintorera caught my attention when it arrived on the shelf, as this varietal is rather special. The Tintorera Garnacha is one of only […]... Read More
On Sale Now during the Cheese Shop Favorites Sale.  Challerhocker has been a staff favorite in our shop for years and it’s no wonder why. Cheesemaker Walter Rass has milk delivered twice a day from 13 family farms within a mile radius of his creamery in the Swiss Alps and ages the wheels in his […]... Read More
Wild State Cider is now available at Surdyk’s and this Duluth based cidery should definitely be on your list of new things to try! They really are proud to stand by a product that uses no concentrates, no added sugar or preservatives, and go further to say no to chemical preservatives as well. You are […]... Read More
For me, the ideal gin has to shine in a Gin & Tonic, a Negroni, and a Martini. I celebrate that gin is receiving a lot of attention from local distillers and no style seems to dominate, however, for the do-it-all gin, I love Du Nord’s “Fitzgerald.” Sufficiently refreshing from juniper and citrus elements, it […]... Read More
For me, one of the most fascinating things about sake is how the different styles not only match a variety of food but also the changing seasons. The name of this sake translates to “Snow Grass” in English, but forget anything about winter; this is perfect for enjoying during the warm temperatures of summer. It […]... Read More
I clearly remember the very first time I experienced this wine. Surdyk’s hosted a portfolio tasting with importer Terry Theise, and upon the first sip, I was struck by two things. First: this was unlike any other Sauvignon Blanc I had ever had. And second: Roger Clark’s napkin. (He was seated behind me and could […]... Read More
We often get asked to recommend wines that over-deliver on quality relative to price, and although somewhat subjective, we can usually point to something that stood out to us from others in their respective region. One such wine is the Domaine des Bouzons 2014 “La Félicité” Cotes-du-Rhone. The property has a long history dating back […]... Read More
In today’s beer market Bent Paddle Venture Pils is an oldie but (boy is it) a goodie. This classic craft lager will impress all of your European lager drinking friends. The beer is made with a blend of hops and malts from both Europe and North America. It pours a straw color, medium to light […]... Read More
As a wine consultant at Surdyk’s, I have seen many trends that have come and gone. But one trend that has enjoyed ever-increasing demand over the last 6-8 years is the love for dry Rosé style wines. While beautiful Rosés throughout the world, clearly the region most synonymous with the trend is Provence, France. One […]... Read More
The “buy local” trend has been dominating the Minnesota food scene for the last twenty years, with restaurants celebrating local farmers and crafting their menus to reflect the seasons by using locally made cheeses, meats, wines, and most recently, spirits. The challenge of growing grape vines in Minnesota is to be able to survive the […]... Read More
It’s official – the latest round of snow had me dreaming of warmer weather and the exact moment you know that spring has arrived. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a seasonal beer drinker; I like stouts, porters and barrel-aged beers in the winter and pilsners, wheat beers, sours and ciders in the summer. […]... Read More
For me, 2018 officially goes down as the ‘Year of White Wine.’ At least it’s the year I drank more white wine than ever before. Two members of my household adopted a Pescatarian diet where our meals revolved around vegetables, grains, and fish, and therefore the wine on the table was white. To keep my […]... Read More
Bodegas Faustino has been producing amazing wines in Spain’s Rioja region since 1861. The 2015 Crianza is 100% Tempranillo aged in American oak for 15 months, giving a note of toast to the bright berry fruit and classic Spanish spice. Structured and elegant, this wine is the perfect pairing for anything that has been slow […]... Read More
It’s French…it’s inexpensive… it’s colorful rosé. You will be charmed by this crisp, sparkling wine, new at Surdyk’s. We’re into the Holidays, and good bubbly is not always easy to find at a bargain price. What I like about this fizzy delight is how well it pairs with food, especially appetizers. There are plenty of […]... Read More
I had the great good fortune to meet the owner and winemaker of the Vietti property, Luca Currado, earlier this fall at a trade tasting. He is a charismatic and engaging individual, full of great stories from his career as an oenologist and winemaker. On the other hand, I am Norwegian by heritage, and by disposition, and wonder about ‘big personality’ people sometimes… are they […]... Read More
This full-bodied blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah from Washington’s Columbia Valley is a great red wine to transition to the heavier-red styles that accompany the cooler temperatures and heartier meals. A heavy dose of each grape brings vibrant flavors of vibrant flavors of cherry, clove, and toasty oak. Pair with stuffed pork tenderloin or […]... Read More
I love to travel and enjoy learning about places I intend to visit. Portugal is definitely high on my list, and one of my favorite ways to advance my knowledge is to taste the local wines, which, in the case of Portugal, most famously is the Douro Valley. The wine that captured my imagination is […]... Read More
Burgundy Rouge can be a challenge. Let me help by suggesting that this Pinot from Rodet is a great buy and provides loads of flavor. It is a 2015 vintage… almost a perfect growing season with very ripe, healthy grapes from the Domaine de la Bressande vineyards. The soil is some of the oldest in the Mercurey appellation, a historic and respected wine region! […]... Read More
Raise your hand (or glass) if you’ve heard Merlot is boring, or have had some that left you unimpressed. Both of mine are now straight up. Want your faith restored? Try this one. Produced on a single 12- hectare vineyard in the northern Medoc, Petit Manou is a delicious example of how concentrated, deep, yet focused Merlot can be. Key to this is the extreme […]... Read More
No. 12 Cider House hails from Buffalo, MN and its popularity is growing. Recipe development is a part of any great product and this cider is no different, named because the twelfth recipe was the perfect blend. This sparkling, dry cider is complex as it uses over 10 different local varieties of apples to create […]... Read More
Urban Growler is the first women-owned and brewed microbrewery in the state of Minnesota. One of their missions as a brewery is-to make craft beer more approachable- and they have done just that. The newest flagship in cans is the Midwest IPA. An English style IPA that has a strong malty backbone that balances out […]... Read More
Cantina Andriano was founded in 1893 and was the first cooperative winery in Alto Adige. The vineyards are clustered on the sloping hills leading down from Mount Gantkofel, and are full of dolomite rock and calcareous stones that have eroded down from the peak. Across the board, Andriano’s wines have a strong minerality to them – even the reds. I enjoy all of Andriano’s wines, but […]... Read More
The flavors of BBQ might not immediately make you think of drinking a sour but it is a perfect match. White Birch Berliner Weisse is a German-style sour wheat ale that is pale in color, tart, and oh so crisp! The acidity in the beer will brighten the food up, lactic tartness will cut any […]... Read More
Featured in the Wild Ale Sale, taste the line up on Friday, May 11! Locally brewed and Belgian born, Boom Island is putting their own twist on classic Belgian styles. Kevin Welch, the founder and brewer, was inspired to start this beer journey from his first taste of a Belgian Tripel. From there Kevin began […]... Read More
Taste this outstanding wine with the owner and winemaker, Damian Davis from Portlandia Vineyards, this weekend from Portlandia Vineyards Friday & Saturday, April 27 & 28 from 11am-6pm.  Sourced from the biodynamically farmed Momtazi Vineyard. This highly regarded vintage leads in with bright cherry and cranberry fruit which gives way to an earthy expression that showcases the wines […]... Read More
The timing of Boom Island’s seasonal release witbier, Witness, coincides perfectly with the return of spring. This Belgian-style brewery has created a classic Belgian style wheat beer; the beer is light, pours a lovely blonde color, and is drinkable. The slightly sour taste combined with light floral notes, and its smooth body makes it perfect […]... Read More
Spring Wine Sale Staff Selection: I drink sparkling wine year round for one simple reason: I love to cook. And eat. To date, I have yet to find another style of wine that pairs with almost any meal as successfully as a bottle of sparkling will. Bright fruit and palate-cleansing bubbles can take on everything […]... Read More
When a world-class Napa Valley winery known for its powerful Cabernet turns its winemaking sights on Chardonnay you can be certain that the final product will be something special. The 2014 Pine Ridge Vineyards Dijon Clone Chardonnay has caught our attention. The term ‘Dijon Clone’ refers to the particular vines planted in the cool, rolling […]... Read More
(Pfalz, Germany) Just the name, Dr. Deinhard Deidesheim Riesling Extra Brut, is a real mouthful, right? Yeah, but it’s worth it for this gorgeous German sparkler. If you like your bubbles super dry, strikingly crisp, with an aroma of beautifully fresh tropical fruit and a high-toned, mineral-driven finish – then take note. Wine nut Stephan Attman is the creative force behind Von Winning, who since 2009 has wrung […]... Read More
Farmhouse ales are generally bright, spicy, crisp, and have an unexpected champagne-like mouthfeel. They are a perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Boulevard’s Tank 7 is a perfect example of a farmhouse style. It has fruity aromas on the nose, grapefruit hop flavors, and finishes dry with a slight peppery taste. This beer is perfect […]... Read More
I happily move from season to season here in Minnesota, but fall holds a special place in my heart. From the smell of fireplaces to geese flyovers, to the excuse to revisit red wines that have taken a back seat to the white wine and gin & tonic days of summer, fall simply suits me. […]... Read More
As the buyer for Surdyk’s I have a very interesting perspective on many of the trends going on behind the scenes in the wine business. One trend that I watch almost daily is our sales of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Apparently, this is a style of wine that folks like. A lot! Once the cute […]... Read More
Zinfandel is one of my favorite grape varietals, primarily because the resulting wines show big, bold flavors of spice, black pepper, and lush dark fruits. It also best exemplifies a truly American grape varietal, even though it has a European heritage (best known as Primitivo in Italy). At Surdyk’s, we have an incredible selection of […]... Read More
With temps warming up, we’re all ready to step outside for a refreshing glass of cool white wine. This wine is made for warm weather! Vinho Verde comes from northwest Portugal from a blend of native grapes.   It’s clean, fresh, fruity and even has a little spritz!  Fragrant notes of green apple and melon. […]... Read More
As a wine consultant at Surdyk’s, I am often asked “what is the best value wine in the store,” as most people are looking for a $12-$15 wine with complex flavors and a full-bodied structure that they normally find in their favorite wines that cost $20 and up. I often recommend Marietta Old Vine Red, […]... Read More
Taste this wine in-store March 3 & 4 with owner Paolo Lucchetti • Over the years, Surdyk’s has bonded into friendships with winemakers through their wine business. One of these associations is with the families of Mario and Paolo Lucchetti from Le Marche, Italy. The Lucchetti’s grow Lacrima grapes and make a delicious red wine […]... Read More
At Surdyk’s, we have seen the explosion of locally made artisan beers and recently hand-crafted spirits from local distilleries. Clearly, the farm-to-table trend has extended from food to drink, but it really began long before these recent trends with the emergence of wines made from 100% Minnesota grown grapes. The winery that started it all is Alexis Bailly Vineyards, whose founder David Bailly planted Minnesota’s first vineyard in […]... Read More
Founded in 1818, the House of Champagne Billecart-Salmon has remained family owned to this day, with the current owners representing the 7th generation. They are known for wines exhibiting finesse, balance, and elegance. The Brut Reserve is beautifully elegant, fresh, and lively. Its blend is made with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier sourced from […]... Read More
Planning a luscious winter stew, roasted vegetables, leg of lamb or beef roast for your holiday menu? This dynamic, modern styled ‘supertuscan’ fits as the perfect accompaniment. Scents of black currant, bay leaf, thyme and roasted meat propel you into the bright berry and earthiness of this wine. The flavors are corralled by fresh acidity and dense (but not austere) tannins. The truly […]... Read More
Oregon is most famous for their cool climate Pinot Noirs. This is so much a part of their renown that few people pay much, if any, attention to the white wines. This white is the product of the collaborative efforts of owner, winemaker, and other staff members at Sokol Blosser Winery. There are 9 different grape varieties used to make this, in some ways, chameleon-like wine. […]... Read More
Last fall, Surdyk’s wine department introduced three wines from Christopher Michael, a new lineup from the Pacific Northwest. We are excited once again to bring you these wines – Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Red Blend – but also to introduce their delicious Oregon Pinot Noir. Christopher Michael wines are available now for a limited time – case quantity only – to purchase at a […]... Read More
About five years ago we lost the ability to sell these wines here in MN because of a national distribution change that granted the rights to this brand to a company with whom we refuse to do business. Although our stance is a principled one, I was heartbroken. I had worked hard to get these wines here, the team at Surdyk’s had worked […]... Read More
I’ll try to help with the pronunciation first! “Ah-zher- TARE” is my best phonetic rendering of how to say the name of this producer. This family is not well known in the United States, but I think in the era of always-expensive and often over-priced Burgundy, this will be a name to look for. Like most Burgundian families, they bottle many wines, including premier and […]... Read More
I would like to take a minute and introduce you to your new best friend and the best red wine (in my opinion) for under $10 that you will have all year. Cabaletta Rosso has such a high “quality-to-price” ratio that it is truly a WOW wine. Tenute Fiorebelli is located in the heart of […]... Read More
Each year we are happy to have this French Rosé on our shelves from the famed Loire Valley. These delicious grapes yield juice with red berry flavors within a dry texture that is refreshing and finishes with light spiciness and a hint of sweetness, which is traditional of the Anjou wines. Hand-harvested, carefully crushed and […]... Read More
Our Cheese Shop Sale (on now through June 4th!) is all about the 20 cheeses we can’t live without. They are: Widmer’s 6 Year Cheddar- 13.59/lb Our sharpest cheddar comes from our neighbors in Wisconsin. Widmer’s 6 Year Cheddar has been aged the perfect amount to achieve maximum sharpness. This dry and intense cheddar is […]... Read More
This weekend, we’re tasting Belgian beers from 11 am – 7 pm and these four delicious beers are featured.   Stop in and taste them! Duvel: A strong golden ale, Duvel is one of the most recognizable names in Belgian beer. The aromas you can find in this beer tend to be citrus, mostly grapefruit […]... Read More
Taste it this Friday & Saturday, May 20 & 21! • Unibroue Blanche de Chambly is a Belgian white beer. This light golden, ale pours cloudy with a dense creamy, white head. There is ample carbonation and you get loads of citrus notes, clove, and bready aromas on the nose. Flavors of wheat, orange citrus, and […]... Read More
Big Red Wine of the Week  — #BRWOW  Elemental Cellars 2013 “Farrar Vineyard Pinot Noir”  (Willamette Valley, Oregon) Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is often to the wine world what Park Avenue is to the real estate world: expensive and out of most people’s reach. And for good reason, its fickle temperament makes it a challenge […]... Read More
This French Style cidre from Fennville, Michigan was crafted to highlight the fresh green flavors of spring. It drinks like a brut Champagne offering a crisp- tart taste lined with citrus notes. Its French style yeast and Cabernet Franc barrel aging offers a sophisticated complexity making it a great food friendly beverage. Try this versatile […]... Read More
I recently taught a class on sparkling wine. We did this in January, intentionally post-holidays with the point being to encourage people who are typical wine drinkers to think about sparkling wine as an option for any day or week of the year, just as they would any other style of wine. Surdyk’s has an […]... Read More
Jean-Christophe and Margaret Calvet of Aquitaine Wines have had their fabulous Bordeaux wines on Surdyk’s shelves for many years. You have met them in our store for their popular tasting sessions during our past sales. Domaine Laroque Cabernet Franc is one of the Calvet’s exclusive features that we all love. Laroque now adds a Pinot […]... Read More
Bauhaus Brew Labs in Northeast Minneapolis has come out with yet another great seasonal, the Tallander Scottish Style Dark Ale. This time they were inspired by the ales of Scotland. Tallander is a winter weather dream ale. It is malty, complex, and yet drinkable. This one will not weigh your taste buds down. Plenty of […]... Read More
Chianti wine is known world-wide for its iconic Tuscan scenery and pastoral vineyards that produce delicious food-friendly red wine. This Sassabruna wine is made not far from Chianti in Maremma near the Italian sea coast. Grapes, growing conditions, and wine styles in these two regions are quite similar, and you’ll appreciate the great taste at […]... Read More
This is the time of year for celebrations to ring in the New Year, and the air is filled with the glorious sound of popping corks as we enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of lively bubbles. Yes, I am talking about Champagne, the wonderful wines from the tiny region in France, as well as sparkling wines made throughout the world. One sparkling wine that […]... Read More
I love everything about the holidays. Decorations? I own 5 Christmas trees. Music? The earlier the better! And most especially, the holiday eating and drinking. This time of year, I love to drink White Burgundy. Made from Chardonnay grown in the revered soils of France’s Cotes-du-Beaune region, these stunning wines have a storied history and […]... Read More
I took a little break from some of the German Rieslings recently, not for any particular reason, just moved on to some other  things. But this bottling has me back in the fold! Terry Theise Selections is a booming importer, led of course by Terry Theise himself, who seems to be at the top of his game. This bottling is a collaboration between him and […]... Read More
South Africa may not be the first place people think of when looking for interesting, affordable, and versatile wine to serve for the holidays, but this one fits the bill and then some. Essay is a play on the initials “S.A.” which are commonly used as shorthand for South Africa. While the name may be shorthand, […]... Read More
Last fall, we offered the Monte Alto wines from Spain. Our staff loved them and we were quick to jump at the opportunity to offer them exclusively to you. The response was overwhelming and the wines sold quickly. In the past year, the winery has undergone a name change, and is now known as El […]... Read More
A delicious blend of Syrah, Petite Syrah, Barbera and Cabernet Franc. The “82” part of the label refers to 46% from Oakley vineyard and 54% Sonoma Coast vineyards. Bright fruit—boysenberry and blackberry mixes well with mild pepper, spice, tannin is smooth. This is an easy-to-drink red that is perfect for Saturday night hamburgers or spicy […]... Read More
I have been a drinker of this wine for many, many years. It has always been one of my favorite wines, but rarely gets the attention it deserves because it falls outside of the price point for an everyday wine. This vintage is uncommonly good and I figured our customers ought to hear about it. […]... Read More
New to Surdyk’s and new to the world (debut in 2014), this is a delicious white of French grape varietals sourced from Santa Barbara County. Viognier, Rousanne, Grenache Blanc, and Chardonnay all blend together to offer an aromatic wine with a juicy flavor that promotes tangerine citrus, ripe melon and peach notes. A nutty and […]... Read More
Everyone knows Paso Robles produces excellent Zinfandels and Rhonestyle wines. Even Cabernet has found a home here. But to find a 100% Petit Verdot here in the Central Coast (let alone anywhere!) is extremely unusual. In its homeland of Bordeaux, it is used only in small amounts to add color and “spice box” qualities to a finished wine. Here in Paso, Broken Earth Winery […]... Read More
I love Austrian white wines in all seasons, but particularly in fall. This is the time of year the obscene amount of cookbooks I own are opened up, poured over, and menus planned. As a firm believer that wine and food show best when put together, there is no better white to have on hand when it comes to pairing. It’s become something of a […]... Read More
This lightly smoked cheese from the Basque and Navarra regions of northern Spain, Idiazabal is a smoked cheese made from the raw milk of Latxa sheep. The sheep’s milk is rich, resulting in a smooth and buttery mouthfeel, and a sweet and aromatic flavor, and with the smoky notes, a slight taste of bacon. With […]... Read More
Oktoberfest is here, let’s grab some bier! Personally, I love Oktoberfest and everything that comes with the celebration: pretzels, hammerschlagen, lederhosen, and of course, excellent German bier. This year I will be celebrating with Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen. This authentic Bavarian lager is a rich, amber color with a medium body. The aroma is malty and […]... Read More
It seems as if the theme of “what’s old is new again” is playing itself out on the shelves of Surdyk’s. Iconic wines and brands that for a variety of reasons left us for a number of years are now happily back again. In this case, I am thinking of Kilikanoon Winery from Clare Valley […]... Read More
It wasn’t so long ago that we as wine consultants had to spend a considerable amount of time convincing customers to try one of the many different rosés we bring in every May. Fortunately,we now have many customers eagerly looking forward to the release of new vintages of their favorite rosés, as well as hoping […]... Read More
I truly believe Pinot Noir is the most beguiling and sensual of all wines. It’s not everyone’s ideal glass of red, but its popularity cannot be denied. Oregon, with its optimum climate near ocean breezes and controlled heat plus great soil conditions, has become one of the best places to grow Pinot Noir. Barnard Griffin, a family owned winery, makes this food-friendly wine in a lighter-bodied […]... Read More
This Thursday, July 16 from 5pm-7pm join us in-store for a tasting with CEO and Founder Leah Caplanis. You can taste this newest sparkling sake beverage – is all-natural, gluten free, and one of the lowest calorie beverages on the market.  I’ve selected the Hibiscus Cucumber as my staff selection for this sale!  Here’s why: summer […]... Read More
Zinfandel was the first love of my wine life. And though several years and wines have since passed, I still hold a special place in my heart for this varietal. Especially when it’s made by Seghesio Family Vineyards who,since 1895, have set the bar for Zinfandel in California. For this 2013 Sonoma County Zinfandel,winemaker Ted […]... Read More
4 packs have been a big hit for our customers – and especially on the 4th of July. Our staff has selected 4 wines, all made domestically (of course) with ready-to-go screw tops (because who needs one more thing to remember on a busy holiday weekend?) and pack them up in a reusable tote. We think […]... Read More
We buy our Parmigiano only in whole wheels and break them down traditionally with cheese knives, giving you the best flavor possible. Italy’s oldest and most praised “grana” cheese. Its flavor and complexity are unmatched. Use it in dishes calling for a grating cheese as well as on the table with full-bodied red wine and thinly […]... Read More
This traditional farmhouse ale has a distinct terroir flavor that comes from the land in Southern Belgium. This Saison pours golden blonde and its flavor characteristics include being dry, slightly fruity, grassy, citrusy, and just a little bit of funkiness comes through. This beer is available in 750ml bottles, but also in a 4 pack of […]... Read More
Join us for our ABC tasting (A Belgian Chat) on Thursday, May 14 from 5pm-9pm.  We’ll be featuring their “Abbey,” a Belgian dubbel that is brewed with an authentic Belgian yeast and five different malts. The beer pours a lovely burnt sienna color with a creamy tan head. The aromas you can get from this […]... Read More
The Radler is the ultimate spring and summer beer. It is light, refreshing, crisp, and hits the spot on a sun-filled day. Schell Shocked is golden in color and has a sweet grapefruit aroma. The body is light and the flavor is balanced with both malt presence as well as hop bitterness. This beer can […]... Read More
A staff selection of mine during the Spring Wine Sale, we remaining inventory of this unique Cab (and still for a great price) and I urge you to take a look! …By now most of you know that Argentina is the world’s great source for Malbec. But we also recall how Australia, once the world’s […]... Read More
It’s the 5th Anniversary of the Nordeast release! This Classic American amber lager, a Nordeast Minneapolis staple, complements all of your favorite spring outdoor activities. A smooth, drinkable taste with a light maltiness makes this beer a perfect choice for any outdoor adventure. Drink Local! Drink some at Surdyk’s this weekend – we’ve got it at […]... Read More
Some new items in the Cheese Shop you must try are the items from Anson Mills: Carolina Gold Rice, Island Red Peas, and Benne seeds. These are all from the south, where Carolina rice and grits are a staple of the cuisine. Carolina Gold rice has an interesting history, and seems to be making quite […]... Read More
Abita Brewery was founded in 1986 and is located in Abita Springs, LA. This weekend, we’ll be featuring them in the beer department. Come taste their wide variety of styles this weekend, April 3 & 4 (11:30-7pm) and check out their delicious spring seasonal: Strawberry Harvest. Abita uses only the finest ingredients, which includes the […]... Read More
Spring always brings changes in the weather, in our scenery, in our activities, and in our drinking habits. Spread that out to your beer choices! Yes, it is easy to fall into a rut and reach for the same old thing, but in this modern beer world if you are in the market for something […]... Read More
Taste it this weekend with Jordi Flos (10am-6pm) • The Muscat grape comes in many specific types and in several styles. Moscato, in a low-alcohol, slightly sweet style is currently very popular, but this different Spanish version shows a very different face. Grown in southern Spain’s Jumilla region, Muscatel (as it is known locally) also […]... Read More
Taste it March 13-14 with Margaret Calvet!  •  Saint-George-Saint-Emilion is a satellite appellation of the famed Saint-Emilion region of Bordeaux, sitting just to its north. Like most Right Bank vineyards, Merlot dominates here, but you will also find generous use of Cabernet Franc. This wine is comprised entirely of these two varietals. Chateau Saint André Corbin […]... Read More
A lot of thought and planning goes into making the selections for the shelves at Surdyk’s, but sometimes the best discoveries happen when there is an unexpected need and availability. This wine was sampled by itself (normally we sample in flights of similar wines) when we had an unanticipated opening in our Cabernet section. Since […]... Read More
The sentiment is perfect for Valentine’s Day… this wine is a collaboration between two rock stars, Dave Mathews (actual musician) and Steve Reeder (a rock star winemaker for Simi Winery), who share a philosophy of drinking (not aging in a cellar) wine with good friends and good food.  This is a fun blend of predominately […]... Read More
Taste all of their great beers from 2pm-5pm this Saturday. Located in Amherst, WI and just celebrated their 17th Anniversary. They produce many fantastic varieties of beer, while being one of the most environmentally sustainable breweries in the nation. Choose from all available varieties: Glacial Trail IPA, Hop Rise Session Ale, Mudpuppy Porter, Ouisconsing Red Ale, […]... Read More
Schloss Gobelsburg “Gobelsburger” Riesling 2013 is a very versatile white, and perfect for winter, this wine is not really suited to lighter meals. It’s best (surprisingly) with hearty meals that revolve around roasted pork shoulder, duck, or crab cakes. Austrian wines are delivering the value right now, and I encourage you to peruse this part […]... Read More
Mark Selner has been the resident beer buyer and expert for the last 41 years. His last day at Surdyk’s happens to be the last day of the year (we think he planned that) and what better way to move to 2015 than by drinking craft beer? Craft beer has exploded in the last few […]... Read More
Boom Island Brewing Company has created the perfect beer that you can share with your family and friends this holiday season. Although you may recognize the Yule by name as the previous holiday beer offering, you will not find the same beer inside. This beer could be classified as a Belgian Dark Strong ale; at 13% this beer warms and wakes up the senses. The alcohol […]... Read More
I can’t think of a better beer name than “Snowstorm” to represent the November we are having. This is Minnesota, we are snow warriors, and our beer should be the same. Schell’s Snowstorm 2014 is a Grand Cru style and perfect for chasing any snowy day away. A lovely amber-copper color that pours a cream color […]... Read More
The wine staff at Surdyk’s puts forth a great deal of effort into seeking out small, undiscovered wines from across the globe. we search for talented producers who offer incredible value for the quality of wine in the bottle. The wines of Monte Alto are exactly what we hoped to find.  Grown in La Mancha, […]... Read More
I am so, so happy this is on our shelf! I have a special spot in my heart for Pine Ridge Cab– often I find I’m opening a bottle when celebrating a special occasion. This is a young wine– so plan ahead if you are drinking this within the 2014 calendar year. An hour decanted […]... Read More
Surdyk’s has the good fortune to represent the wines of Fred Peterson, who has been making sustainably farmed wines from Dry Creek Valley for the past 25 years. Fred and his son Jamie use the most gentle and traditional winemaking practices to maximize the flavors, aromatics, and texture of the wines. Their 100% Sangiovese was produced from two exceptional, small […]... Read More
Rosé wines have grown in popularity for the last 7-10 years, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The 2013 vintage rosés have been particularly well received, whether they hail from France, Austria, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, or the U.S. In addition to diverse geography, rosé wines are made from many different red grapes. […]... Read More
One of the most popular wines in the Terry Theise portfolio, this Riesling is marketed as a “branded” wine with a cute, Americanized name. However, like Leitz’s Dragonstone, this is a single-vineyard, hand harvested wine grown on a majestic parcel that yields singular wine unlike any of his other bottlings. Why Harald Hexamer doesn’t call […]... Read More
I don’t want to be the first to say this, but the end of summer is near. If you are like me, this means that the beer you consume is about to change, too. I think that amber-style beers are perfect for the transition from summer-style to fall brews. Milwaukee’s Brewing Co. has some standout […]... Read More
Our Italian aisle is usually the last place I’m headed if I’m looking for a wine to go with food on the grill. Until now. While many do not consider this blend to be traditional “Italian,” the Fruili region in the Northeastern part of the country is more known for its Bordeaux varietals (Merlot, Cab […]... Read More
Since 1710, the Strub family has been crafting family has been crafting exceptional wines in and around the town of Nierstein, considered by many to have the best vineyards in Rheinhassen. Walter Strub and son Sebastian, who studied and worked with Helmut Donnhoff and Kurt Darting, make wines that are terrior-driven with precise minerality. “Soil […]... Read More
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